That time of year
Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Well its almost x-mas, and i've started my xmas shopping. Also done, btw.

Anyways, its also the Child's Play (http://www.childsplaycharity.org/) time. If you read Penny Arcade (http://www.penny-arcade.com/) or any other webcomic, you prolly know bout it.

Heres a lil post penny arcade put up about it the other day:
"...At the most basic level Child’s Play is a way for gamers to help sick kids in Children’s Hospitals. These hospitals obviously receive plenty of donations year round but what we learned is that the money they get for the most part is spent on things much more important than toys. Things like medicine and equipment are a bigger priority than say Crash Bandicoot.

These Kids need toys though. They need games to play and crafts to make in order to take their minds off their situations. Something as simple as a Game Boy can make the stay in one of these Hospitals much more bearable for a kid. That my friends, is where we come in. Penny Arcade has teamed up with Amazon to create wish lists for Children’s hospitals all over the world this year. Each list is full of age appropriate games and toys. You simply select a hospital from the map and choose a gift. Easy as pie.

These toys are used in a number of different ways. First they get distributed to kids in the hospitals during the holidays. They are also given out to the brothers and sisters of these kids who often times end up spending all their time at the Hospitals as well. Many of the toys will go to re-stock the play rooms and activity centers in the Hospitals. Finally some of the toys will be stored and then given to kids throughout the year as they come out of surgery.

People like Jack Thompson are welcome to scream at the top of their lungs about the gamer menace. They can go on television and lie about our hobby until they’re blue in the face. In the meantime, we as gamers will come together and quietly change the lives of hundreds of thousands of sick children all over the world for the better."

Ok that was long, i'm off to find a toy or something for the kids, not sure what i'ma buy this year.

Oh and i didn't see Serenity or Firefly in the list, but it is for a childrens hospital...



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