I didn't expect a kind of Firefly inquisition.
Saturday, November 26, 2005

*door bangs*

No one expects the Firefly Inquisition! Among our weapons are fear, surprise, DVD sets, Web sites, and a ruthless almost fanatical devotion to Joss Whedon!

So, yeah, my best friend was in town for Thanksgiving, and I gave him a Firefly DVD set as an early Christmas present. He's a big Buffy fan, but he knows absolutely nothing about Firefly.

Meaning he has no idea what kind of sweet, sweet pain awaits. Oh, but he will. In the immortal words of Dionne Warwick, that's what friends are for.

Still have several more DVD sets wrapped and ready to give out for Christmas gifts. Bring on the pain.


Just picked up an Xbox 360, and I'm pretty sure I would kill a man in cold blood for a next-gen Firefly RPG. I'm looking at you, Bioware. For the game, not the killin'. Fillion worked on Jade Empire, so we know you already have him on speed dial.

Bioware? Are you even listening to me?!? OK, what did I just say? (Hint: Speed dial.)


Here's one of those questions that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time:

Why is it that Chris Cornell's music expresses Whedon characters so well? Is it the voice? The poetic angst? Does he go home after a concert and watch Buffy marathons? Was Cornell himself created by Whedon?

It's tootsie roll center syndrome. The world may never know.


I'm working (loose definition) on a collaborative Firefly fic with my wife. It's big with the episodic western-ness and humor, which is cool since my last story was - urm - not.

That woman amazes me. She's such a gifted poet that she can sit there and basically doodle prose in stream of consciousness... and suddenly there's this wonderfully askew, abstract vision that makes you question the way you see the world. Then she'll call it crap and trash it.

Seems almost a shame to have her writing fic. It's like giving Beethoven a banjo.

Play the Fifth, Cletus.


Saturday, November 26, 2005 5:57 PM


"I have students who are so amazingly talented and absolute geniuses...but he chooses, instead, to write hip-hop lyrics."

Sadly, I did the same thing when I was in school. Except without the talent.

You don't have to ask to use someone else's work anymore. Just call it a "sample." As in:

"Have you heard Static's new lesson? It samples a Cub blog."

Saturday, November 26, 2005 4:42 PM



I LOVE the last comments...

"It's like giving Beethoven a banjo."

"Play the Fifth, Cletus."

Can I use that? I have students who are so amazingly talented and absolute young man who has written some of the most heart-wrenching poetry I've ever read, but he chooses, instead, to write hip-hop lyrics. I wanna use the "Beethoven-Banjo" thing with him.

Of course...he might not know who Beethoven even is.

Ah, urban middle-schoolers...'at-risk' even!

Saturday, November 26, 2005 12:15 PM


Nice blog, Cub!

Our BDDVD is a'comin.

With your wife's talent, maybe you are giving a banjo to Bela Flek, not Beethoven.


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