What does he do, this man you seek?
Friday, December 16, 2005

Agent Starling: "He watches the Firefly DVD set constantly. He listens to his favorite singers over and over until his ears bleed. He-"

Dr. Lecter: "No, that is incidental. What is his nature?"

He obsesses.

Boy, do I! I love me some obsession. Love it like Homer loves donuts, like Duncan loves dunking, like Nick loves Jessica... urm, scratch that last one.

But why ? Why must my mind constantly drift back to the same obscure singer or cult TV show like it's stuck in some kind of loop? Why must I feel like I have to share those obsessions with casual friends - most of whom probably couldn't care less and think I'm progressively more insane with each crusade.

Who knows. Thank God it's fun. Unless you're one of my friends, of course.


Recently finished a collaborative Firefly fic with my wife. It can be found here:

People seemed to enjoy it, which is always nice, but especially so this time since it was her big debut in ficdom. Unfortunately it's made her want to write original fiction. Guess I should be happy about that, but I really enjoyed reading her Firefly stuff. She wrote this really fantastic Jayne speech in the final act.

Now I'm on to working on a little post-movie vignette inspired by a classic short story. And when I say "inspired by," of course I mean "a total rip-off of." 'Cause thinkin's hard.

Update: Just finished my rip-off - urm - story and posted it here:

Bonus points if you can tell me the name of the classic American short story that inspired it.


Okay, I'm tired of waiting. Where's my Firefly? I mean, this show's coming back to TV, right?


Yeah, yeah, I know - licensing and commitments and never-gonna-happen and yada yada.

We all know it's coming back. The box set is still selling like free sex and, after the movie, the people who matter are starting to realize TV is where it belongs. It's been a couple of months since I saw the last episode of the series, and I gotta have more right now.

So where is it?

What? You say some people have been waiting for years?

Okay. Alright. Patience and virtues and so forth.

*deep breath*

I can wait.


How about now?


Quick poll. What's more disturbing:

(1) That I have conversations with myself in my blogs

(2) That one of the inner voices sounds like Hannibal Lecter

(3) That one of the inner voices sounds like Jodie Foster


Saturday, December 17, 2005 3:27 PM


I share your obsession, lucky for me a friend at work is a fellow Firefly fan or I would spontaneously combust.
Conversations with yourself in blogs just make it more interesting I think.

Saturday, December 17, 2005 8:39 AM


Hey, what's wrong with regular ol' fiction? At least those you can actually get published in print, in theory. Or win contests, in theory.

But, as you know, I have some shiny ideas for another round of fickiness.

Friday, December 16, 2005 8:23 PM


Hey, I feel your pain. I'm constantly trying to find ways work work my favorite, obscure things into conversation with people who could care less. And I'm literallly counting down the seconds until the BDM comes out on DVD, I've got my entire day planned around it :).
BTW, I don't think its strange that you talk to yourself in your blogs, or that one of your inner voices sounds like Hannibal Lecter (mine sound like Wash and Mal). The Jodie Foster thing is creepy though. You might want to talk to somebody about that one, lol.


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