how i got here.
Sunday, January 8, 2006

i went to the movies with my family several months ago. we were going to see "the greatest game ever played" with shia lebouef. we got to the theater, bought our tickets, entered and took our seats, but to our dismay discovered that they (the seats) were wet. when we asked theater staff why, they told us that theater had been "hosed down" earlier that day.

why they were selling tickets to a wet theater i'll never know.

we asked for our money back, but we really wanted to see a movie. we'd driven a ways out for it, and didn't really feel like just going home.

we then remembered another movie my brother had recommended to us, called "Serenity." we had our tickets switched to that theater, and went in.

it was awesome. something definately worth freaking out over... but i was kind of tired of everything at the time... jaded, is the word. so while i recognized that at any other time i would've gone crazy and fangirled like mad over it... i didn't.

it sat on the back of my brain for months, then jeff, my brother, illegally downloaded the dvd. we watched it and i remembered how awesome it was, and though i wasn't quite ready to fangirl it yet... i was starting to head down that path.

i already knew it came from a tv show (Firefly), but didn't care enough to go looking for it. i had already checked all the video rental stores in town, and was pretty much over it.

THEN, i got a video iPod, a source of much greif of late, but nevermind.

in attempt to make light of the iPod fiasco I uploaded the serenity dvd to the little bugger, and then got a brilliant idea.

i knew i would be leaving on a trip two days later, and any entertainment i could bring along would be VERY useful, so i started downloading the tv-show. unfortunately, it didn't download in time for me to bring it with me, but after i got back (several hours after i got back) it FINALLY downloaded, and i started to watch. by then i'd gone on two airplane rides, and had watched the movie five or six times in a row. i was already smitten with it.

if i liked the movie... (loved it after a fashion)

...there are no words for how i felt about the tv show.

it was... IS wonderful.

shortly after watching the entire series straight through without breaks except for sleep and food, i went to the store to buy myself a legal copy and support the cause. but i couldn't find it.... anywhere . i'm convinced that my hometown is bent against it. i came home with a copy of Serenity, but not the thing i really wanted, and immediately went online to buy it direct.

now that i've done my part for the dvd sales, i figure the only way to continue the work is to convert as many of these surfer town yokels, and bring firefly to the heathens.



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