This is not my best day ever...
Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ok me, my dad and Mike (My failed convert) are going out to get Propane from the Indian Reservation, well we are going in a pickup truck so I'm in the back of the cab, I rip my paints squeezing in I muddier 'Gorram' and curse the makers of my paints. What a crummy start.

So we have gotten the tank from another friend’s barn and were off, then the engine dies, smoke fills the cab and burns my eyes. We all scramble out in to the freezing cold weather (curses I forgot to ware my 'Jayne Hat' I received the day before!!) Well the something or other is trashed (it was on the port side of the truck so I'm not ruling out the compression coil!) so we call our buddy who comes to give my dad a ride to Auto-Zone for a part, me and Mike talk a bit and I read the book I had with me, Spy Sub: Top-Secret Mission to the Bottom of the Pacific by Roger C. Dunham.

Well the new part doesn’t fix the problem so every one but me goes to the car shop my dad works at for some tools (I volunteered to stay with the truck to look after it) well for the next hour I read my book and sing The Ballad of Jayne. We finally get the truck running, I'm freezing and we got no propane.

Oh well I just felt like venting…


Monday, March 22, 2004 6:46 AM


Well we ran out of heating oil Saturday night. So Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night was pretty harsh as it got down in the 20's here. My sympathies GunRunner.


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