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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey there.

So Ive begun to watch Farscape and BSG. I'm not very far along mind you. Farscape, about 6 eps into season one and BSG, the miniseries and 1st 4 episodes. Its a slow process between school and work but I'm really enjoying them both so far. I have some minor inssues with Farscape but I have been assured these will be resolved :)


Neither has been quite as satifying as Firefly has been. I know they are all different types of shows but they all fall into the Sci-fi catagory and many who are FF fans are also fans of these show, No? I think I have just been spoiled by firefly. I think its mainly the characters. Those in FS and BSG dont draw me in as Mal and his crew. Its other things as well, (ie the uniquenes of Joss' 'verse, the writting) plus I cant watch BSG and the cinematography and not think Firefly. They are both very similar.

Its just weird and had to post about it cause my roomate and friend look at me like I'm a little crazy. We all know this is the case, but no need to tell them.

P.S. perhaps it would help in Nathan was in BSG... oh wait, did I say that out loud?


Sunday, January 29, 2006 6:13 PM


Well, BSG’s cinematography is similar to “Firefly’s” because both shows share the same mission statement: To eliminate the sense of distance and fantasy that regular space opera generates (remember Joss’ “Stand back! For this is a *forbidden* planet!” It’s that kind of thing). Both shows are trying to create a sense of “you are there, this is really happening” and one of the tools they use to do this is the quasi-documentary cinematographic style. Another shared tactic is to present their characters as flawed human beings who occasionally make morally murky choices. The shows also differ in a lot of their strategies to produce a sense of realism (ex: BSG has its ships move with very realistic Newtonian physics, but also has FTL drives. “Firefly” doesn’t have FTL, but its ships’ motion is somewhat less realistic). So, keep in mind that both shows are driving at the same goal but going down different paths to reach it, paths that sometimes intersect.

(I should note that BSG didn’t “copy” “Firefly” per se in its cinematography; Ron Moore seems to have come up with the idea independently, no doubt influenced by the same trends Whedon observed. Moore did, however, hire ZOIC because they were able to deliver him the matching visual FX thanks to their work on “Firefly.” Speaking of, did you spot the Firefly-class transport in the miniseries?)

I’ve certainly been digging BSG now that I’ve gotten into it on DVD and can’t wait for more. Still, Joss is definitely the master of witty dialogue. He’s also brilliant at being able to coax laughter at even the darkest moments, a very difficult feat to pull off and one I occasionally miss on BSG (though they do develop some great dark humor from time to time). But I doubt that there’s any show on TV that couldn’t be improved by bringing Joss Whedon on to the writing staff. ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:49 PM


Cool. I am totally going to watch them thru cause I am liking them. :)

The one thing that bugging about FS is that Crighton seems very cool and comfy for haveing been sucked into this alien enviorment...

But I just cant help thinking "man I'd like to watch 'out of gas' or 'trainjob' after this." :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:14 PM


Well, I have been a Farscape fan before I came across Firefly and I considered Farscape to be the greatest SF show out there. I had to reconsider. Firefly really is better. Farscape has it moments, though. Give it a chance! Things will really get rolling by the end of season one. I really fell in love with it from "Durka returns" onward. You need a few eps to figure out that Dargo or Rygel, even though they look funny, are still very human in their way of thinking and have a great character. The story is told very much from Crighton's point of view and he is very much at a loss in the beginning, with all those strange creatures about and the show puts the viewer in the same situation more or less. From a certain point onward I began to think of the Farscape crew as "familiar" and then it really got me. (Ok, Firefly got me much faster, took me about 40 min. or something).


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