To be a fanboy...
Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The excitement, the sweaty palms, the insomnia!! And that’s all before you actually get to the convention… Once you get there however, it seems like everything will be ok, that the anticipation and the excitement may have been a little more in your head than anything else. Then you see them; the people that you’ve been waiting to see for the last 2 months, the people that made the show worth watching. It all comes flooding back tenfold!!! You’re suddenly a nervous as a schoolgirl just looking at these people! All the clever things that you had planned on saying with a slick smile are now a puddle on the floor of your brainpan. You suddenly find yourself in line along with a hundred other sweaty, heavy breathing nerds waiting for your chance to make a complete and utter fool of yourself for the single chance to get an autograph and a quick word in with that person of reverence. You get to the front of the line and say, “How’s it going?”… that went well, try to say something else, you think to yourself. You try again for your name, but nothing comes out! You’re now trapped in the fanboy mode. There is no chance of a graceful output once you’ve hit this point, so you just do the best you can and try to scoop up a few words from the thought puddle on the floor. Turn and take your picture, then walk away so the next person can have their turn…

Ahh, to be a fanboy… It’s not the life that most want, but for me it’s just the way that things go it seems. I went to the FX Show in Orlando this last weekend with three of my friends. My main reason for going was to get a few autographs from two of the characters from the TV show Firefly and movie Serenity (you may have guessed as this is a Firefly fan site...). It just so happened that two of my favorite characters from the show were there that day… Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau. Alan Tudyk is one of my favorite actors. I don’t think that he gets near the recognition that he deserves, but even so, he was one of the nicest guys… Even with my thought puddle visibly apparent, he was nice enough to carry on without me and sign my Firefly DVD box. I did get a couple of pictures though… it was great.

Summer Glau was exceptional. She is one of the most beautiful women that I think I’ve ever seen. The grace she exudes and the ability to kick someone’s ass is just so friggin cool… lol. I, unfortunately, had the same reaction when it came time to her as I did when I went through Alan Tudyk’s line… The thought puddle was only intensified because I turn into a babbling idiot around girls still… don’t know why, just do. I did manage to get my name out and that I did enjoy her work, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to say. Perhaps the next time that we meet, I’ll have learned a bit more nerve.

We all had our pictures taken with the stars and contemplated spending a few more dollars to get more, but I need to pay bills, so I decided that I got the ones that I really wanted and that no more were really needed. I got pictures of the guys with a few others… David Carradine looked like he was going to die just sitting there across from us… kinda creepy, like he had no emotion left to give. Also got the picture of Corin Nemic’s empty chair as we hadn’t been able to see him the whole day. Overall I’d say that it was a good day and that I got to see some of the people that have had some influence on my life of recent, and I was able to get pictures with them all, and even some others that were just a little funny.

So in summary to this babbling blog, to be a fanboy is a sad existence. It shows that I really need to suck it up and stop acting like an idiot when I meet someone that I’ve really wanted to talk to is sitting two and a half feet away from me. It also shows me that I need to learn how to talk to women, because it’s just really sad that I just about have liquid brain leaking out of my ears from just trying to talk to one. Granted it was Summer Glau and I do tend to be better with some others, but I really wanted smooth Andy to be there… smooth Andy decided to pack up and get the hell out of town when he heard that she was going to be there though…

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. I don’t even think that the ending had as much cohesion as the beginning, but I’m too tired to go and fix it now. I’ll take a look at it later after the series of berating comments and change it at that point. Yay Edit button!

Stay shiny people. Serenity Always.


Wednesday, February 1, 2006 12:10 PM


yep, tis the sad truth of our existance. hasnt actually happened to me, as i've not been fortunate enough to go to any cons, but i dont know which is worse; that i know that i would do the same thing, that i know i would feel the same way afterwords, or that i still really really want to do so...

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 6:58 AM


lmao, that sounds familiar. haven't made it to any cons in awhile, but at least you got to the picture-taking part :)

generally my experience with celebrities in that situation has been total muteness as I slam something for them to autograph on the table. sometimes I've managed to say something along the lines of "thank you", generally about a hundred decibels too loudly. most of the time I've managed to remember to take my autograph with me as I meekly crawl away.


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