Tax Refund Rampage, Part Two
Friday, February 3, 2006

Huzzah! Got the remainder of my tax refund deposited into my account when I got home from work this morning. Now, I've promised to try and save a sizeable chunk of it this time so I won't be kicking myself three or four months down the road when the money starts getting tight again.

At the same time, however, I consider my tax with-holdings to be a little savings account that I only get to access once a year. An Alliance-mandated piggy bank, if you will. So, now that I've broken my little piggy for the year, it's only fitting that I have a little bit of fun with it before handing the remainder off to the bank to be squandered.

So... already have the Firefly boxed set, and the BDM. That goes without saying. And today I've just come back from and ordered both soundtracks (I know, you can't beat the tv show soundtrack, but there's a number of scores that I really liked from the movie, too. Lacked some of the western stuff, but still pretty gorram good, really.) Also picked up the Visual Companion and Finding Serenity (I always need good bath-room reading and I can't go ro sleep without a good book. I've been working through David Drakes Lord of the Isles books, but lately I've really been yearning for some more Firefly during my quality time atop the porcelain god.)

Almost thought about picking up the action figures, but... well, Mal looks kinda wonky, and I know any money I put into the Firefly franchise helps the cause, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. There just don't seem to be the amount of love put into those that I've come to associate with our beloved 'verse.

Also, almost picked up the Serenity graphic novel while I was at amazon, but I remember seeing out here about the signed copies of the comic by the cast. So I might hold out for that. Nice autographed edition of one of the issues might round things out nicely, and I can always pick up the TPB later on. (Little disappointed that my local Schuler's wasn't carrying it... let's just say it's probably good the staff there don't know much conversational chinese. ;) So I just gotta decide who's autograph I really want the most, and hope that that one's still in stock. Probably sleep on that one. cause it's a tought choice, I have trouble picking a favorite character anyways, and I can't really justify getting a whole set of signed editions... though that'd be especially shiny.

Also, too lazy to check back on the site right now, but I know I've seen a Blue Sun coffee mug one of the sites, and I just HAVE to have one of those. Support the fellow browncoats and all.

No point here. Just very much excited to finally round out my collection. Shiny shiny day.



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