Finally Figured Why I'm So Ruttin' Hooked
Friday, February 10, 2006

Driving around town today, which is probably a bad idea what with the snow and black ice and all. And of course, my mind turns to Firefly. Actually, it happens alot in my car, 'cause it's a little bit like Serenity. It's... lived-in, well-worn, and held together mostly with tape, baling wire, and love. (Well, not so much the love... and what I wouldn't give for a spunky little mechanic to keep it flyin'... :) Anyways, said this before, but I like to pretend I'm flying a spaceship when I'm driving. Puts me in a Firefly mood and all that...

So, doing some "precision" driving, and managing not to fish-tail too much, keeping an eye out for reavers, and my mind wanders, as it does... just wondering what our motley crew is up to.

And it hits me... I'm not wondering what they'd be doing if the show hadn't been cancelled, or how neat it would be if it was still running. I'm thinking like "gee I wonder how Simon and River are getting along, and if Kaylee ever managed to convince Mal to splurge for a spare catalyzer. How has Zoe been holding up, and what hijinks is Jayne getting into?" I almost had to stop myself and remember that these aren't real people.

Now, I'm not crazy. (Entirely... you can't prove it! :) I can tell fantasy from reality (except for that hazy couple of years some people like to call "college") But they aren't just characters, are they? They are real, living, breathing people. That, I realized is why I can't get the show out of my head lately. We're not talking about a bunch of stereotypical archetypes planted into a spaceship to progress the plot. The plot in Firefly is the characters. It's about what they're going through, not what sort of brilliant scheme they're going to come up with to foil Villian #3's plan.

And blah, blah, blah... I can ramble on and on about that stuff, really. Trust me, it happens quite frequently. But there's those more eloquent than I who could put it alot better. (Reading through Finding Serenity ATM, and yeah, some of those essays really sum that aspect up real good.)

Point here is: I've lost some good friends and family before, I've dealt with the stages of grief, etc (not looking for sympathy, just statin' a fact. I'm far, far from the only person out there to lose good people, my life ain't really all that bad, and I've been able to move on by this point in my life.) Thing that always struck me with death as odd, though, is the denial phase. Gee, haven't seen so-and-so in awhile, maybe I should give him a call... Oh, yeah, he's dead... ;p

All I'm saying is I get the same feelings with our BDH's. Emotionally, I'm not pissed that the show is cancelled so much as the fact that somewhere out there in the cosmos our band of ne'er do well's it out galavanting around the 'verse, having a grand old time and getting into all kinds of misadventures... and I'm missing out on it. That make any kind of sense?


Friday, February 10, 2006 1:22 PM


Yeah, I know exactly how you feel! And you know what? I think, the people who created the show still feel the same about it. I rewatched War Stories today with Nathan's and Alan's audio commentary on. When those two guys talk about the film set, they talk about the Serenity as if she was a real ship and as if it was their home. And there is so much longing there to go back there. It is not just in the scripts or in the well created characters. You really get the impression that the film crew did grow into one big family as well and I think this just shows in the spirit of the show.

Friday, February 10, 2006 9:02 AM


This is something I've always found with Joss Whedon's worlds.
Even stuff like Buffy it was always 'here's the vampires but the real story is these people'.
It's exactly like that with Firefly...'Here's a whole new 'verse, there's crime, wars and evil scientists but the real story is the people.'
That's why they're big damn heroes. Every single one!


Friday, February 10, 2006 8:00 AM


You were eloquent enough for me, Nuclearday, that is exactly how I feel. I wake up in the mornin' thinking about these characters and wondering what they are doing. That is the essense, they are alive to us. And always will be. I can't see me ever leaving the 'verse. I don't wanna.

Friday, February 10, 2006 7:43 AM


you know as much as I love the show and really hope for a return sometimes I think it would be easier if all there had ever been was one film.
what I mean is when a film comes out it has a story to tell and when that film is done (whether its single, double or a trilogy) that story had run its course. whereas with a series the aim is to go on for a number of years so the first season is there mostly to lay out the world and drop threads for all manner of plots which someday will be developed upon. with the cancellation however so much is left untold and no ammount of films will deal with that. simple stories will never be told in films (such as Wash's dinosaurs and whats with the Hawaiian shirts). hopefully a series will return and tell most of these tales but still three years have been lost that will never be made up. in that way you are right and somewhere out there are tales happening which we'll never see. they aren't dead - just lost in the black!

Friday, February 10, 2006 6:15 AM


Perfect, perfect sense.
Like the feeling you get when they run
too many commercials sometimes - like,
am I missing something? What are the
characters doing while all these
commercials are running? It's so sad to
think we're missing *years* from the
Firefly story. Dang near unbearable.

...Driving on black ice is, however, not
something I'm familiar with. But did
you ever make a left turn onto a big
boulevard and think, "Ok now, full throttle!" My my, there's so may ways
to go crazy.


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