serenity shadows
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Does any one every wonder why there is never any shadow from the front/nose section of the ship when the crew walk out of the cargo doors/ramp? I always wondered that. Sometimes the angle of the sun seems like it wouldn't cast a shadow anyway. Who cares, right? Its just one of those things I noticed. Or, in Ariel when Jayne, River, and Simon are being transferred by Alliance guards......Jayne has his hands cuffed behind his body at the start of a fight; then, in the middle of the fight, his hands are suddenly cuffed to the front of his body. Jayne was smart to use trick photography in his fighting. These things don't make me love the show any less. Maybe more, I suppose. I'm always looking for those little things that keep the show itself fresh and interesting to me. I've gone back to "Objects in Space" at least nine or ten times to watch that one over and over again. That's got to be my favorite episode right now. Before, it was "Out of Gas." I'm a sucker for non-linear. O.ofG. is the "string theory" episode as far as i'm concerned. Didn't Minear say there were three concurrent narratives?

Tearing paper out of Symbols.


Saturday, February 11, 2006 11:59 PM


I never thought about the shadows before, but looking back, I see you're right lol :P

Point of clarification about Jayne's cuffs in Ariel: IIRC, there's a very quick shot during the fight where they show him hooking his feet through the cuffs to get his hands in front.

Still, my favorite little piece is... I think it was the Serenity pilot. Wash has just evaded the reavers, and Zoe and Mal are congratulating him, and in the commentary they point out that there is no steering wheel in the shot, but Wash is still pretending to hold it.


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