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Monday, February 13, 2006


So that's my first fanfic completed, and it seems to have gone down well. It's a new experience to be able to write 'THE END' on one of my stories! I left a few threads hanging - Zoe's predicament, for example, and the whole Simon vs Jayne thing - but that's okay: can't tell all the tales at once. And I might want to return to this story arc at some stage, so leaving a few issues open makes sense.

My original premise for 'New Prospects' was always to have Serenity end up stuck to a doomed freighter, but the Decamerone was originally going to be heading for the sun, a kind of radioactive suicide ship. Also, the character of Ossie Chen was meant to be Badger, but the idea of Niska and Badger teaming up on our BDH just didn't seem to sit right. And anyways, I like Badger, he's a fellow Brit! Creating a new character seemed like the best option. Who knows what Jayne and River did with him in the end?

It's interesting to me now to look back on segments I didn't use, and wonder where they might have led. I had a sequence where River flips out on Kaylee during their space walk, but by that stage I'd established that River was far more cogent and capable since Miranda, and it almost seemed out of character for her to do that at that point. Similarly, I had Jayne accidentally tear his suit as he exited the Decamerone , at which point Simon clamped his hand over the rip to seal it and then demanded to know the truth about Kaylee's top... but again, it just didn't feel right. Psychologically, Simon was just about coping with his space walk, and for him to suddenly turn all calm menace on Jayne didn't work for me.

So there endeth the longest blog I've ever written, and on we go to the next fanfic. Gonna spend a week or two mapping out the structure, and then it's on with the show. Shiny!


Monday, February 13, 2006 9:23 AM


Yay - commentary!

A Simon/Jayne confrontation would have been fun, but I agree it wouldn't be likely on a space walk. Looking forward to it in the next story ??

Thanks for the insights!



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