Whippets and penguins
Wednesday, December 3, 2003

12:54 pm

So the Christmas tree is up, some of the presents are wrapped and I’m feeling fairly holly and jolly. I like having the work part of the holidays behind me and the enjoyment part ahead of me. I’ve been looking over our Christmas ornaments and remembering where and when we got some of them. The wooden Christmas tree with the glitter came from my baby sister’s grammar school craft fair (the baby is now 25.) The purple glass balloon on a stick we got on Pier 39 in San Francisco when my husband and I were first dating. There are a bunch of flat wooden ones that I painted when I was in junior high. Then there are the ornaments that various little sisters and nieces gave us for the holidays. All those little girls are now out on their own having grownup lives. It’s funny but nowhere do I have an ornament that resembles Succatash’s big, red shiny Christmas balls. (Sarahetc, you owe me a buck!)

I’ve also been thinking about the coming year. I don’t really do the whole resolution thing. I set goals and adjust them as the year goes on. I’ve been thinking about doing another half-marathon. This is really surprising because when I dragged my carcass across the finish line in late May of 2003, I thought to myself, “Great! I’ve done it! Now I never have to do it again!” So why consider it again? Well, it’s like this. I need to exercise and it helps to have a goal.

There are two kinds of runners in this world whippets and penguins. You know the whippets, you’ve seen them. They are the really long and lean runners with a stride that looks like fluid poetry. No wasted movement, just muscles and lungs propelling them forward in grace and beauty.

I’m not a whippet. I’m a penguin (thanks to John Bingham for coining the phrase.) I’ve got the kind of body resplendent with curves and hips. I manage to get to the finish line but it’s my training that helps my body get over the miles, not any kind of natural athletic ability or talent.

So I’m thinking about another half-marathon probably in the fall of the year. More to follow.

So tonight is my writing group and I’ve got some errands to run.

Have a very holly and jolly day!

Now when Christians sit with Pagans only pumpkin pies are burning



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