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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Fundamental Three
Customization... Exploration... Creation... These are a few of the aspects of life for which a “Gamer” lives. A game can never have too many choices, never be too big or detailed, and it can never have enough creativity embedded within. Our souls cry out for these three fundamental ingredients of which we define ourselves. Our everyday life is filled with them—they define the art of life itself. Without them we can survive, but for what?

Customize the flow of your life. Explore and learn life. Create life.

The ultimate game—life—the one we all play whether it be willingly, gratefully, or even knowingly. So how exactly do we do this, what is life? How can you play something you don’t know? How can you thoroughly play a game with such complexity? You can’t, you have to choose pieces. You have to customize... you have to customize the pieces of life, form them into what you want and can handle. Every choice you make is part of the customization of your life; the knowledge you seek, the conclusions you come to, the decisions you make, the skills you perfect, the career you follow, where you set the apple on the kitchen sink. Every choice you make customizes your life.

Life is so complicated and immense in depth, so many nooks and crannies, so many fields, forests and mountains, so much sky, so many possibilities, so much knowledge. And it’s all there, waiting to be explored.

Exploration dances nicely with customization; you explore life and customize what you find. The more you explore the more you customize, and the more you explore and customize the more you grow, which brings you back to exploring and then more customizing. Exploration is the golden key that makes Man so special, that and the intense need for customization. It allows us to grow and learn.

What would life be without creation? Creation is the final product of customization and exploration. Without creation life would still be as it was when first begun. So, you customize, you explore, you customize, you explore some more, and then you create, and then the whole thing repeats. This is how life itself grows. The more you create the more there is for others to explore, customize, and then create for themselves.

A good game has decent depth in all three of these aspects of life. A great game has an extreme depth in all three aspects, especially in exploration (the more there is to explore the more you can customize, and the more you can create). Life has a limitless depth in all three aspects. Of course, a game in life is just a piece of the game of life.

Reader's Note
You may wonder why I start with customization instead of with exploration. If so, let me explain the simplicity of it. You are part of life; in all of us is a core piece of life. There is no need for exploration in this core piece of life because it is our core, it is our foundation—we all have it no matter what. All that’s left for this piece of core life is customization and creation.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006 8:00 PM


Actually I'm not really that much of a gamer, at least not in the sense of video games. I play some, but I'm, by far, no gamer

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:56 PM


Very poetical. Also educational. Thanks

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:25 PM


nice to see another browncoat gamer (what percentage of us are, anyway? i ge thte idea that its massivly larger then with normies in general, but all the same)


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