‘The Patriot’ - Firefly Similarities
Sunday, April 11, 2004

Ok well after the 1st fifteen minutes I jump up and said in my best Mudder impression “It’s Jayne!” Adam acts a lot lake Jayne because he betrays his friends then has a change of hart (But they don’t show what happens after.)

Second the town preacher (he even calls himself a Sheppard) takes up arms. I say to my self “The bible is fuzzy in the area of kneecaps.”

Mel Gibson’s character talks about some fort where Indians working for the French slaughter settlers. I immediately think of Reavers. And when he talks about what his men did to the Indians I started thinking about that Alliance Officer in ‘Bushwhacked’ “I haven’t see that kind of brutality since well since the war.”

Then there is a scene where Mel’s character and his son are talking and Mel (wow I almost typed MAL!) is cutting an apple before eating it. Maybe the British used ‘Grizwalds’?

In the very end Mel does a Mal with his pistol (its kind of out of frame) but he flips his pistol end over end and starts hitting the British Calvary commander with it ala ‘Hart of Gold’.


Monday, April 12, 2004 10:17 AM


Well it was more of a realization of that what he was doing was wrong. He realized that his commander had other motives behind what he was doing and it was clouding his judgment; remember in the final battle he did questioned his commander's order to charge the enemy infantry at the incorrect time against Cornwallis’s orders. He only obeyed the two wrong orders was so he wouldn’t be shot since he valued his own life over both the innocent towns people and his neighbor Mel. (Very Jayne like I think)

I also just realized that when they are at the plantation searching for Mel’s family he just stands there watching his captain when he looks under the table when whoever might have been hiding under there could have had a gun pointed right at him waiting. Again very Jayne like I think.

Monday, April 12, 2004 8:30 AM


When did he have a change of heart? I thought he obeyed his orders to burn down the church with all the townsfolk inside?


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