That darn fic soul searching
Wednesday, March 8, 2006

So I did a bit of soul searching on my fanfic, got to thinking about it. I think what I really wanted to write was a drama but I'm writing to entertain as much as I am to learn about the Verse myself. And I think I have learned about the Verse. I've tried to get a better feel for the characters, tried to become more observant of what they would do.

So I looked at what I was doing. A drama? I don't think so, maybe it would work, but it's much more of an action/adventure, maybe a little cheesy and maybe a little cliche. Still, I think the basic idea for the plot, taken with a slightly glib undertone, is solid. So I'm writing an action/adventure. I don't expect it to be the best serving in the Blue Room, but hopefully at least somewhat enjoyable. I guess I just feel a little intimidated, there's some pretty good fanfic writers out there in the 'Verse. Makes me feel good, since some fandoms just have lousy writers.

Well I looked at what I was doing and was a bit worried. Some of it sounds trite. I think my only really SOLID scene is the exchange between Inara and Mal. I tried real hard to get the "job" to sound as if it came off right. I may have focused on it too much. But I think I've got it down decently. It's not inspired but it works.

I'm getting a little hesitant about Early though. His philosophy spinning common sense isn't necessarily the easiest thing to write, I've limited him to short, clipped sentences and I foresee I will have the biggest trouble with him. His involvement in the story is also strikingly similar to how the events of a certain comic book plays out but I think I can get it to work and not sound completely unrealistic. It does give me the unique opportunity to play with two blue-gloved baddies that I'm sure we're all fascinated by.

Well, that's it for the blog...until it decides to be nice to me and lets me upload my Shepherd Book theory.



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