How Bellona Got Her Mojo Back
Thursday, March 16, 2006

*does return of the mojo dance*

i'm back , baby!!! i am healed. got outta that funk i was in and now i'm groovin' once more, thanks in no small part to all you shiny people out there who offered up solutions and happy-making comments.

oh, and for the record, you guys were right. onion rings, ice cream, hot showers and kaylee in a pretty dress are good cures for the blues. thanks be to you kind folks.

and meeting nurse amy on the day surgery ward at victoria hospital cheered me up no end. why? well, not only did she put up with my best friend and safely see her through an operation, but she's a browncoat on a quest to convert all her patients. woot!!! *makes devil horn sign*

*is ashamed of her nerdy attempts to be cool*

now, i'm off to read more fic and hopefully bother my lazy little bottom to write more of mine (jaine won't save the crew on her own, you know ah, shameless plugs, how i love thee)


ps. isn't it alan's birthday today (16th march)?


Thursday, March 16, 2006 8:14 PM



Good to see y'back to yourself again!



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