Shinier FF & BDM Ringtones!
Saturday, April 8, 2006

Yes, fellow BCs, I was not all that happy with the sound quality of the first batch of MP3 FF ringtones I told y'all about awhile back...

Didn't like going back & forth in my crappy Alliance [XP pro] sound WAV editor from MP3 format... Wasn't all that thrilled with the sound quality of the original FF theme MP# I used, either. So whilst perusing SoCalBrowncoats Yahoo group, I found not only a better MP3 version, but also an MP3 of the Serenity-Landing theme from the BDM -- love that cello intro! Plus they had the Fruity-Oaty-Bar MP3 as well... Well, before you could say "Arrrrgh, matey" I had those shiny pretties downloaded into my hold for later messin'...

So now you can get ye way better sound quality MP3 of not just the originals I did a month or so back, but also the Serenity Theme from the BDM, the AintWeJust clip from "Safe" and 2 versions of the Fruity-Oaty-Bar song.

So's ye can e-mail me as usual likes before at, or you can go to SoCalBrowncoats Yahoo group at:

Then I suppose you'll have to sign on -- but not sure -- anyway, once onboard, go to the FILES section, where you'll see a Folder labeled MP3 Ringtones...

As I've said before, there's a great free program called ToneThis from
so's ye can upload the MP3 and any wallpapers ye have into yer cell...
Enjoy, Mateys!



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