Spaceship Designs
Friday, April 28, 2006

Well, since I found that artpad sight yesterday ive been designing some of the spaceships for the Serenity RPG chronicle I will be holding soon. These are the results.

Mallard Class Medium Transport
The main thing I wanted with this ship was to have it bulky and ungracefull. Also I wanted it to have a cargobay that could be dumped just like a container on a cargohelicopter today. Another thing I wanted was to have a special captainsquarter that was seperated from the main crew quarters just like on a old ship.

Vulture Class Salvage Cruiser
The ship is a older model of salvage ship that isnt used very often by sanctioned salvagers anymore. It has the ability to dock with smaller ships in its scaffold for either salvage or repairs. also it boasts a large robotic arm that it can use to grapple its targets. The Vulture has "wings" and VTOL thrusters for Atmo travel but isnt really adapted to those conditions. Landing a vulture on a planet usually requires a special landing pad since its undercarriage lacks landing gear and has alot of equipment, its ATMO capabilitys are mostly for dropping of salvage on moons and such. In my chronicle the vulture will be used by 2 groups mostly and thats Pirates and Reavers.

Cricket Class Light Transport
What I wanted here was to get it really small and light, also I really wanted the insectlike landing gear concept that is featured on the fireflys. And I got this crazed idea of a engine hangin beneath the main body of the ship. Another thing I wanted with this ship was a Cargobay that opened in the top, sort off like a spaceshuttle today and I wanted it to have some resamblence to a cricket.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about naming ships and all the insperation you gave. Also, Im not very good at drawing so dont expect any mona lisas here, but I think youll get the concept of each ship.



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