Thank yous, Spaceships and Jerimiah
Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its been said before but it sure doesnt hurt to say it again. The Browncoats are the most supportive community ever, thanks to everyone who responded to my last blog, your support is always welcome.

Started watching the show Jeremiah earlier, not bad actually. Bit to episodeic at times, and ofcourse its no Firefly, but it will keep me company for a while.

And also, ive started making stats for the Spaceships that I am designing for my Serenity RPG Chronicle, if anyones interested heres the first draft. Note however that I have yet to calculate things like tonage and capacity. For more info about the ships see my earlier blog entry Spaceship Designs or my message board post, What should I call her?.

Safe flying friends.

Rough stats for my Spaceships:

Mallard Class Light Transport.
Agility: d6 Strength: d6 Vitality: d6 Alertness: d4 Intelligence: d4 Willpower: d8
Speed Class: 4 / 7 (fullburn) Lifepoints: 14 Initiative: d4 + d4
Quirks: Shakes in hard burn; When in hard burn the Mallard (especially the cargobay) tends to vibrate heavily.
Assets: Fast Throttle; The Mallard has two linked engines which gives it a good punch in hard burn (minor) Detachable Cargobay; The Mallard can release its cargohold just like a modern day cargo container (minor),
Complications: Memorable; Because of its special design (detachable cargohold) the Mallard is easily remembered by people (minor),
Skills: Athletics d4, Covert d2, Perception d2, Pilot d2,

Vulture Class Salvage Cruiser
Agility: d4 Strength: d8 Vitality: d6 Alertness: d4 Intelligence: d2 Willpower: d4
Speed Class: 3 / 5 (fullburn) Lifepoints: 12 Initiative: d2 + d4
Quirks: When a Vulture enters Atmo it loses what little agility it has and shakes and rattles.
Assets: Standard models aint really got any assets.
Complications: Ugly as Sin; The Vulture aint exactly a pretty ship (minor), Seen better Days; The Vulture was used before the war, so it aint young either (minor).
Skills: Athletics d2, Heavy Weapons d4, Perception d2, Pilot d2,
Gear: The Vulture has a huge grappling arm used for salvage. It is used with the heavy weapons skill.

Cricket Class Light Transport
Agility: d8 Strength: d4 Vitality: d6 Alertness: d2 Intelligence: d2 Willpower: d2
Speed Class: 5 / 7 (fullburn) Lifepoints: 10. Initiative: d2 + d4
Quirks: The Cricket has better suspension in its aft landing gear to protect the engine, therefore the landing usually feels a little bit bumby in the front part of the ship.
Assets: Standard Crickets don’t come with such shiny things.
Complications: Lightweight; The Cricket is a fragile creation (minor).
Skills: Athletics d4, Perception d2, Pilot d2,



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