Busy days, Jewel Staite and two movie reviews...
Thursday, May 11, 2006

Well, to start off it seems like my days are getting busy. Got a LARP to go to tommrow; and it looks like my character wont make it through the night. Got a friends birthday party this Saturday, although I dont know if Ill make it since its in another town and I had mixed the dates together, also I might have to work on Saturday as a guard in a medieval festival. Spent alot of time today at a friends house just blabbering about stuff with my friends, was real nice, alot more lokey and relaxed then usual. We were going to play some games but never got around to it since we were having so much fun.

Saw a post made by Jewel Staite earlier, kinda surprised me. Didnt realise the actors sometimes actually read our message boards, always though they would hang on places like whedonesque like Joss Whedon does. Also, how do you talk to a actor/director? I know that the chance of Jewel actually responding to my post are smaller then a snowballs chance in hell but still, came to think of how to adress them. Do you use their first names? I mean we dont really know them, so it feels kinda rude to assume we can. Do we use their full names? Feels kinda awkward somehow when addressing someone? Or do we use a Mr, Mrs kindoff addressment? The last one feels best to me, since we already know their names but arent really introduced. But what do you guys think?

And finally, for the Movie reviews.
Saw two movies lately, the first was Chicken Little, and the second was Land of the Dead.

Chicken Little was funny at times but the ending was not only predictable but kinda silly, well, rather the stuff right before the ending. The actual ending itself was kinda funny. The movie in its whole was rather well animated and most importantly it made me laugh, wich was what I was looking for. However looking at overall quality it wasnt the greatest hit in the Verse.
I give it 2/5

Land of the Dead was alot better, it was even better then I expected (remember folks that I like Zombie Movies in general). It had the right amount of gore (for a zombiemovie), followed the traditions of the craft, but didnt overdo it but instead made up some interesting twists. Knowing Romeros previous works and his style, the ending wasnt that big of a suprise. Overall it had some nice effects, good acting and severall nice plot ideas. I give it a total of 4/5

Well, that was all for todays blog. Ill try to post another tomorrow, but dont know if ill be able since ill be in another town. If not then Ill have another little message on Saturday.
Going to watch some episodes of Angel before bed.
See you all around the Verse!


Thursday, May 11, 2006 7:36 PM


I've met the cast, they're pretty awesome. Call 'em by their first name. :) Say, Hey jewel! She'll go- 'Hey babe!'...Pretty much how it goes. They're all really really friendly.

You can message her through here and see her posts here:

:) :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006 5:29 PM


You'll have to direct me to this famous Jewel Staite post! So far I haven't seen any of the BDH's or Joss's posts. I don't know how to address actors who post, I guess it's on an individual basis, what ever feels right to you at the time. I haven't seen Chicken Little or Land of the Dead, so I can't comment on them, sorry.


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