Deliverance Fanfic FAQ
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Im still writing the first episode of Deliverance, but untill then I can give you this FAQ to answer the questions I have recieved from you.

Q:What is Deliverance?
A:Deliverance is a Fanfic set in the Verse, the story is centered on the crew of the transportship Deliverance.

Q: How long will the fic be?
A: At the moment there are 4 "episodes" planned.

Q:Whats the story between Alexei and Farah?
A:Well, youll have to read the fics to find that one out.

Q:Why do all the characters seem to have dark pasts and secrets to keep?
A:The people onboard Deliverance stay on the ship because they all have darker sides that keep them from functioning in a normal society, its the factor that binds them together.

Q:Who is Oakes and is he as screwed up as the rest?
A:Oakes is the ships mechanic, and hes the most "normal" of them all.

Q:Will the BDH be featured in this fic?
A:No, at the moment I have not planned to feature any of them in the story. I do however plan to feature several "lesser" characters.

Q:What characters from the show will we be seeing?
A:Well, im not telling. Much more fun to keep people guessing. Can tell you they will not always be introduced by name so keep your eyes sharp.

Q:Is Alexei religous or does he just have a thing for christian symbols? And if so why?
A:Yes, the captain is deeply religous(hence the name Deliverance on the ship). Why he is a believer youll have to find out later, all I can say is that he feels that he needs to atone for unnamed sins. Also, I can say that he found God during the war.

Q:Are any of the people in the fic based on real people?
A:Yes and no, several of the characters are based on traits in my own personallity, but none of the characters are actual people.

Q:Will there be a TVshow made of this?
A:Frankly the funniest question ive gotten sofar, and no. Although I would love if Joss Whedon called me up and said, Hi want to make a firefly spinoff? I dont see it happening. Also, some of the scenes are a bit to hard to make a fanfilm of, atleast at the moment. But if I find a way, and good actors, the fic might be turned into a fanfilm in the future.

Q:When is the first part of Deliverance due?
A:Cant say for sure, Im hopeing it will be done in a week or so. In the meantime check out the preview I submitted to the Blue Sun section.

Q:Is this fic going to get all brooding, dark and horrible?
A:I will have to quote Joss Whedon on that one. "I'm very much of the 'make it dark, make it grim, make it tough,' but then, for the love of God, tell a joke." - Joss Whedon
So yes and no again. The fic will visit some of the darker parts of humanity, but there will be humor in there, possibly some muddersmilk and a fair share of hope.

Q:Will we be seeing some Romance onboard Deliverance?
A:Possibly, dont want to spoil to much, can however say that a relationship between the current crewmembers is unlikely, and if it happens will most likely just end in misery since they all carry a huge amount of baggage.

Thats all for now folk, see you tonight with another blog where ill be talking about my new jobb amongst other things.
See you all around the Verse!



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