No chance for romance
Monday, June 5, 2006

At the moment there is no chances for me to get into a relationship. Its been roughly 16months since my last real relationship, wich in my world is eternity. I live for the rush of love and there is nothing better in the world then to have someone to call your own. Also, its been a year now since I last got some bunk-action. At the moment all that sexual frustration (and the even worse romancefrustration) is making me claw at the walls for something. When I get like this it feels like a part of me is missing and I would do anything to just feel something. Usually stupid things, like smoking (wich I supposedly quit a couple of months back), or buying stuff (im such a shopaholic at times).

I feel like im trapped starving in a glastank watching the rest of the world rush by.

My romantic "prospects" at the moment look like this:
A girl in a relationshop who is desperate to leave her relationship but doesnt want to be single so therefore hits on every guy that comes walking by. I dont know if I really want to be the rebound guy :/


There are also some girls who live way way far away in another city in Sweden who I have been LARPing with. They are cute, and nice, and single. And a friends thinkgs I should try to hook up with one of them. But, they live several hours away, they are not interested in me romanticly, and same goes for me. There just nice people. And last, the LARP that we used to go to with them has been discontinued so I will most likely never see them again anyway.

And it doesnt help I live in a city were 75% of the people my age are guys and the girls are all either gay or in a relationship already. (only know two single people and thats only because they used to be a couple and just broke up).

So, if anyone has any tips, fire away. Im going lie down in bed and watch some Surface untill I fall asleep.


Tuesday, June 6, 2006 3:56 AM


Have you considered women not in your age group...older women can be really great or younger ( watch those age limits though) Hey if you aren't finding any fish in your pond, pick a new one:)

Monday, June 5, 2006 7:00 PM


Come to America


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