Questions and a Yipee
Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey all,

Not only am I psyched for Serenity Day tomorrow (Yipee Browncoats! lol) but to gear myself up for it, this week I've been having a marathon week, which is really good to have now and then.

So, as I'm watching "The Message," it came to me that Richard Burgi (Womack) was in the sci-fi channel movie "Darklight," which, apart from David Hewlett *hearts* and John De Lancie, absolutely sucked. Now, I'm asking myself as to why Mr. Burgi was a good actor in The Message, but horrible in the movie. Kinda like why Natalie Portman was horrible in the Star Wars movies, but awesome in a lot of other things.

Also, why can't Simon just give up all his aires and tell Kaylee what he really means. It jsut bothers me. But, oh, well...i've got the BDM to keep me happy on that bit.

Stay shiny and keep flyin y'all,


Thursday, June 22, 2006 7:50 PM


The simple explaination for why actors seem terrible in some of the movies they've done and not in others comes to a few things, personal preference, "Do I actually LIKE the genre this actor is in?" A second view may be, "Are the scripts/premiss(SP) worthy of an actor of their talent?" And yet a third, "Do the directors know what they are doing?" To give an example, Mammoth, terrible script/premiss(SP)/plot, at least two great actors!

In answer to your second question, Simon is FAR too introverted to REALLY tell Kaylee how he feels. He's had to close himself off from the outside world to protect his sister and himself, he doesn't want others to get hurt if/when something happens to him.
My post has gone on FAR too long! So I hope I've answered your questions.


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