I just turned my mom into a Browncoat !!!
Monday, July 3, 2006

Well, actually the show and the movie did that but I did buy it for her on Serenity Day. I couldn't get a hold of my mom this whole weekend and when I finally did she had just finished the BDM and she LOVED it! She said that she watched all the episodes back to back and didn't want to call me cause she wanted to get to the movie.

As I was talking to her on the phone she was watching the ending over and over again. She was bummed though when she realized that there were no more to watch but shes completely content with playing the episodes over and over. It is a proud day for me! She even wants to get other people to watch it but she doesnt want to lend out her copy in which I suggested that she buy a loaner set. I told her that since she saw it and loves it she's going to come with me to any Firefly shindig that we can go to. I'm sure she'd definitely go if I told her that Nathan Fillion was going to be there, she says "He's sooo FINE..." Damn skippy!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007 9:28 AM


Haha, I got my dad to watch the entire series and movie with me. He really enjoyed it. Wouldn't go as far as calling him a Browncoat, but every so often I do hear him use the word "gorram" or "Gorramit". My brother also is watching the series now. He really likes Zoe. I tell him how much I like Simon and he just laughs.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 6:43 PM


Heh. I had a really funny experience with my twin brother when I brought the series home over summer break. It took him a while to get into it, but then he went through like a disk a day until he finished it.

Best moment: We're watching "War Stories," and it starts the scene with Inara and the councilwoman. My brother turns to me and goes, "Is this about to get...awesome?"


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