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Monday, July 17, 2006

If you haven't read it, my Magic Mushroom log/rant is pretty good, albiet a tad controversial (seems most of you on this site are anti-drug, no matter what it is, which is your choice, which I respect your right to make).

Anyhow, I will be doing design reviews Tuesday through Friday this week (July 18 - 21), and more training for a week and a half after that (July 24 - August 2) so I will only be on in the early mornings and when I have a long enough break during those times. I will only be on in the evenings those days, which brings up another absence issue. Wednesday of this week I am starting my other job, which is waiting tables at Ruby Tuesday like I did while finishing school. My availability with them is Wed - Fri nights, plus all day Sat and Sun, with 4 of those 7 shifts a week.

For those of you awaiting new writings from me, just know that it will be a little while before I get them written and posted, but I will do whatI can to appease you. There should be 7 more chapters in From Bad to Worse, and 23 more in Sailing Beyond the Sunset. I have a song fic with System of a Down songs about Mal and Zoe in the war and a drunken River saga inspired by Leighkohl on the waiting list, and I also owe y'all some smut: a Simon/Kaylee, a Jayne/Kaylee, a Wash/Zoe, and a Zoe/Inara.

Until that point, if you want something to read, I recommend some of my favorite writers. Leave them feedback and ratings, as most of them live on it, and enjoy (I have just noticed that all of these writers are female):

ItsaWash - first two series are NC-17 Jayne/Kaylee and the third is young Jayne with his first lover (my favorite of the three)
Leiasky - all Simon/Kaylee, all very well written, and not all of it is smutty (the ones that are NC-17 are clearly marked as such)
mal4prez - both of her series are very good, plenty of angst and action, and very Mal-centric (and hey, we can never have too much about him)
Tamsibling - more Simon/Kaylee, very angsty long fic (A NEW LIFE), and the smut is clearly marked
SpacefullofObjects - exceptionally funny writings, NOT SLASH
SillyLittleDuck - long fic is Simon/Kaylee, others are whole crew, Episode 15 and Episode 16 are very good (Episode 15 is somewhat in parallel to my From Bad to Worse)
SliceandDice - very good dark, depressing poetry, don't bother reading if you only like happy things
FrellingBlonde - post BDM, Simon/Kaylee-centric stories, and make sure the rating is kosher with what you like to read

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