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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Done with Tech, round one of secondary degrees is finished. Now comes what is termed "real life", that segment where I'm supposed to climb my way up a corporation and settle down and become a community leader...blah blah blah...etc etc. Well so far I've managed to get as far from settling down as possible, landing in Evanston, WY, land of "fresh air, freedom and fun". Guess my lungs are expelling the pent up pollution i've gathered from Houston and Atlanta.

I think I'll like my job at the natural gas plant, working for BP. The people at work are down to earth and have ideas that I can handle, like keeping the plant from blowing up and not worrying about a 3rd mortgage or whatever bastion of consumerism they are driving for. I'm looking forward to a simple life of working at the plant and them coming home to exercise and read, two things I can love. On the weekends there are nice roads to drive, which is always fun in my Miata.

I feel like Mal, having come here mostly to escape inner city life, but I'm sure I'll miss the excitement of being in the big city. There's lots of open land here that I'll have to explore and it feels like a million miles away from the policies of the government. I just hope theres something worthwile to return to after I finish my rotation here.


Sunday, July 23, 2006 6:40 AM


Sounds like a wonderful place to be, JubelLate:D



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