I am officially done with CP Rail.
Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hey all

I just got back from Unity, thus bringing to a close a four month career with Canadian Pacific Railway. I spend my last day picking up scrap, driving a single spike and spotting two extra miles of angle bars past the work limits with a old guy who fried his brains with drugs and alcohol thirty years ago (I have no respect for folks like that). Needless to say, not exactly what I had in mind, but I'm back and I'm done. I just have one more week to go before school starts, and it'll be just as busy. Tomorrow, I'm going to the uni to check up on a few things before a triple feature of BEERFEST, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and THE PROPOSITION. Saturday, I have to drive three hours to Shiloh to pick up my brother at the base (to which I'm actually looking forward to), and then on Sunday come home spend the whole week working at the farm, helping out with harvest and paying off a debt to my folks while getting a little extra spending money for my birthday on Spet 2nd, where I'll be turning 21. I will officially be old enough to do whatever the hell I want. But all I want to do is just have a guys night out with some buddies of mine. It's not much, so I'm hoping I'll be able to accomplish that.

As for tonight, I'll be reading u [ on some fanfics, and actually start working on YCGHA (yes, I know I've been saying it for so long, but I'm determined to actually get a new chapter posted).




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