Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Intermission Commercial:

The camera pans around the galley inside Serenity. We see Jayne enter, famous hat and all, and head to the refrigerator. Jayne opens the door and the camera pulls in tight for a shot of the shelves, lined with bottles of Blue Sun Beer.

Jayne grabs a beer, pops the top in his teeth, spits the cap across the kitchen and turns to the camera as he heads to the table. Jayne sets down Vera and says...

"Ya know, after a long hard day of Heroics like outrunnin the alliance, or shootin' it out with some back water goon, I like ta take me a little time ta enjoy the better things in life. Thats why I grab a bottle a ice cold Blue Sun Beer, it quenches a man-sized, powerful thirst."

Jayne props his leg up on the chair and start to swig the beer. After a big swallow, Jayne spits the beer out all over the table.

"Gorramit! Thats the worst tastin' swill I ever done had. Tastes like rancid cat piss. Where the ruttin hell is that director, I got me some contract negotiations ta attend to."

Jayne grabs Vera off the table and heads off camera. You hear muffled shouting along the lines of 'No, please it wasn't my..." Followed by several loud popping noises. Jayne heads back on camera, grabs the Blue Sun Beer Girl, turns to the camera and says...

"Anyone needs me we'll be in my bunk..." Jayne talks to the girl as they leave muttering "Gonna take me a week ta git that taste outta my mouth. Tastes like a squirle done up and died under my tounge...."

Jingle ensues...

Blue Sun Beer
It's not the best,
But if you don't drink it,
Your under arrest.

"Hey git your gorram hand offa' me."

"Breach of what, I ain't carin' what the ruttin hell you say, I ain't tellin' nobody ta drink that fermented camel dung!"

"Wait how much? Well I'll be damned, must just been that one bottle, this stuff is ...uuuuuuugggggghhhhhh.... ummmm yummy yeah thats it just downright yummy...."



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