update on the FJ and ET sequel
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi all!

Just because I miss talking fic, here's my situ...

I have been working lots on the next part of the Fish Job/Easy Tickets saga. The new one is now almost as long as The Fish Job right now, but much more writing and assembly is still needed. I have a suspicion it'll be longer than Easy Tickets when it's done. *whew*

Hints to tantalize: the new tale has a lot of background on the BDH's, and much of this will be told backwards. (Trust me here, okay?) Hence the working title of the new fic is - for now - 'Backstories.'

The parts that interest me the most involve (duh) Mal and Inara, but I've decided to include at least a little history on each of the 9 BDH's. Which led to the insane plan to write at least one chapter from each character's POV. Wo de ma - it's challenging! But entertaining. I've been working on Simon a lot lately, and I really like where it's going with him!

The good news for me and bad news for my fic is: I've got a special friend, and he's taking up a lot of my free time. He's not a flan (yet) but he has an English major and wasn't horrified to hear of my fanfic obsession, so he might even be of some help with this someday. I just need to make him sit down and watch the BDS!

Okay, back I go to writing. I really miss posting, I wish I wrote faster!


Monday, September 18, 2006 12:58 PM


Oh...this be shiny tidings, mal4prez! Definitely can't wait for what you have up you sleeve:D

And remember: converting is like fishing...gotta reel 'em in the right way. Give them some slack before yanking them in hard;D


Wednesday, September 13, 2006 7:03 PM


Longer than eztix? Longer... Longer... Longer would be better! (As long as that is what's working...)

Yay! on the "special friend"... The fic'll keep, and we'll still be around to read it when it gets done.


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