Apologies to BDM theme whistler @ L.A. County Fair...
Sunday, September 24, 2006

OK, it's the first day of Ramadhan (the Fast in Islam)
and my brain is not firing on all cyclinders due
to the usual 1st-day hunger pangs etc., and there
I am decked in my Browncoat perusing monoculars at
the Gadget stand in building 9, when I hear this
tune being whistled in my vicinity... I'm thinking:
"Damn, that tune is familiar. What IS that?"
The Sunday afternoon crowds are bustling and
and I'm intent on getting back to the booth (#9130)
where I'm on duty dispensing info on Islam...
So I get back to the booth and it hits me --
that was the BDM theme I was hearing all right!
Gorramnit, I am indeed brain-dead and did not
realize it in time to acknowledge the person
doing the whistling. So here 'tis. Yes, I did hear you.

My apologies for spacing out on you, whoever
you are. If you come back to the Fair (in Pomona)
please stop by the Islam booth and say "Howdy"
or maybe "Say... your coat is a kinduva BROWNISH
and I promise I won't space out on you again.

[sigh] Here I am advertising the 'Verse in my
shiny browncoat and don't even notice when a
fellow Browncoat gives me the secret audio
"wassup?"... But at least you tried.

Stay Shiny & Keep Flyin'...

-- Jonathan M.A.Ghaffar



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