Browncoat NEWS FLASH !!! Starting 'em young.
Saturday, October 21, 2006

So there I am at the mosque and one of our members, a kid in the 7th grade, comes up & asks me to pray for him so he can get better grades. Seems he got a D in Language Arts (what we called English when I was in school)... So I say, Sure, no problem. After some conversational meandering, where the kid is telling me how he likes toread but hates to write essays, and how his teacher had made them all write a 17-page essay after they watched the movie "Serenity" and the kid didn't 'get' the movie. I'm thinking, his teacher is showing the entire 7th grade class the movie "Serenity"... Could the teacher's a Browncoat... Also, the movie would be appropriate language-wise cuz all the swearing's in Chinese for the most part. So I tell the kid to ask his teacher is she's a Browncoat. The kid asks "What's a Brownocat?"
"Nover mind" says I, "Just ask. Dong ma?"


Sunday, October 22, 2006 7:55 PM


Now that's just smart teaching. Though I am kinda flabbergasted the kid didn't get "Serenity"...though I think time is just needed;)



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