A rant about Forbidden Planet International.....
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Okay, hands up who would wait 6 months for a 6 inch long peaice of scultured lead?

Well, i have been waiting that long for a Hasbro Battlestar Galactica die cast ... thing. I ordered it back in May this year, and i'm STILL waiting. No news, no apolige, NOTHING!!!

That and they have the cheek to send me a catalogue 6 months down the line! (which has so many preatty things in, yet theres the big doubt of "will i get them?") Again, no news or whatever, just a sodding catalogue.

At this piont i'm pissed off, and yet have no idea what to do. Who can i complain too when i've only placed an order (they havn't taken any money out of my account), or when their e-mails are the same old drivel. Its just really crap, and i'm hacked off with it.

If anyone else has had any problems, or knows what too do, please help a fellow browncoat in trouble


p.s; that, and if anyone knows how i can get hold of a Serenity statue (in the UK), that would be appreciated as well.


Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:27 PM


Well...if they haven't debited your credit card or bank account, then no legal transaction has occurred, Choo. Unless you have an official receipt from them saying you ordered something...

Have you tried talking with Fobidden Planet International's customer service people to see if they were gonna fill the order, couldn't for some reason and didn't debit your account? Cuz that could have happened.

Oh..and have you tried eBay UK for a Serenity statue? Could be a seller "locally" (term being used loosely;D)



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