The new path
Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've been a browncoat from the start. Waaaay back just after the turn of the millenium. I watched. Alone, in my apartment. Everyone I knew at hte time, unaware of the magic that came on the screen. Disjointed as it was, I thought I was already behind on the show so I watched as often as I could (taping episodes so that I could catch it better during another run through) when it was cancelled, I felt like I was the only person in the world who was infuriated.
I wrote literally hundreds of letters, to fox then universal then to several companies begging them to pick up the rights to the show. Then I heard murmurs of others fighting this fight, but my life at the time prevented me from ever getting in contact with anyone like myself, A browncoat. So I carried on, And serenity was released and my heart soared. I felt like we had finally won. Just a bit more and we'd be sailing in the clear...And all of it reminded me of serenity valley. and I feared that our fight would parallel the real browncoats. We could catch glimpses of a happy future but it would not come..

flash forward another year after serenity. And I showed my girlfriend of two years firefly (as my tapes had long since disintegrated into dust) on DVD which I had only recently found and was quickly purchased. She loved it from the first moment (she is a film student, and adored the time and effort so obviously put into the show) and every episode she raved about its production quality and the characters and story. And then she asked me why it was cancelled. and i couldn't give her a good reason. In the interim of fighting for this show's revival, the idea of being alone as a fan slowly eroded my will to fight. Who was a fighting for if I was so alone? So I scoured the 'verse looking for others like me, and I stumbled across this place.

Lordy, all that time feeling alone and everyone was moments away. I had fought alone, terribly alone only to find out years later I wasn't alone, That I wasn't insane for loving a show that emphasized character and interaction over action. And while there was plenty of action. it was the characters who in fluid discussion dealt with everything from death to abandonment. And it was astounding how much was covered in such a short time. And I felt it needed more. Joss showed masterful skill with firefly. to me it exceeded his previous work. because while it was sci-fi. It was completely grounded in reality. And that amazed the hell outta me.

I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

I'm glad you all held the line together when I had no idea that you were there.

I'm glad you're still fighting as hard as I, and in many cases even harder.

I'm glad now, I can help co-ordinate ways to save that which makes us what we are.

Browncoats. Something I will be forever.

Because try as they might No one will take the sky from me.



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