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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Just some random thinkings on my account.

Firstly, ive been wrestling with whether I should better describe my characters in a physical sence. So far ive shyed away from it as I could not figure a good way to do it without it just sounding like exposition “She has a cute face and he is strong” kinda thing. Also, I think, when I read a book I often don’t follow the images of the people writers are describing, as – for me – reading the story is a form of interpretation, and as all of us interpret what we read in a different way based on personal and situational factors, the characters themselves take on the form of whoever you want them to. Obviously, there are some constraints. In Blackout, Johel has not been described as any particular race, age etc, although it can be interpreted, although I have referred to him being ‘Hulking’ as it is more of a simple story-telling purpose than me having total control over my characters.

I had massive difficulty writing the rape/death scene in part 3 of Blackout (still to be posted), for obvious reasons as it is quite (intentionally) distressing, but also because of the purpose it serves during the course of events of the story. I knew that it was going to play a part, that it is more than simply a random, disconnected act of violence, but at the same time I wanted to demonstrate crime as a paradox. For example, the only part of this crime that we saw was the rape, which is the case with all crimes. In the news you here some kid was abducted, or someone got murdered or something, and it is the only act that you hear. In some ways, that’s all crime is, entirely disconnected from its surroundings as a singular, vicious act, without point nor purpose. At the same time, this crime started long before that alleyway. As I said, the rapists were gang members. The true reason for this crime is not just boredom or aggression, but a complex set of sociological forces, which have been inflicted upon them, which have led them to this event. Forces to which these gang members are themselves victims, after all, we are all born as human babies equal, and it is out situation which guides us to the choices we make throughout our lives. But it is awfully difficult for us, the rest of mainstream society to stand up and say “these rapists are the victims”, as they are the offenders of a most heinous criminal act. As a society though, it is almost more important to understand and help rapists than any lesser offence.

Anyways, just my random thoughts!



Monday, November 6, 2006 9:22 AM


Definitely got me wondering how things have been expanded upon in the complete version of Part 3, mutt...



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