The Battle of Du-Khang, Cyberpunk and the Nazis
Monday, November 6, 2006


Firstly, did anybody like part 4 of Blackout??? I hope it wasent too depressing. I kinda wrapped it up a tad quicker than i originally intended to, as i was starting to make myself miserable. I guess thats kinda the point though: bearing the weight of it. I wanted to write something that enabled people to understand (or maybe just myself) what the unification was truely like, that it wasent all balls and bravado but Kids dying and families without homes.

The true cost of it hurts the weakest the most.

Anyways im going to take a little break from writing the next section, insted focus on writing out the rest of the Du-Khang parts as its definately where my head is at the moment. Hopefully it wont be long until i can get back to the nasty, blackout zone business of Presaria city.

Part 6 will take place during and very shortly after the events shown at the start of 'The Message', including Capt Vitelli (mentioned in the episode), a seeker-injured Tracey Smith, Mal and Zoe's decision to 'Join up with the 22nd' and the Battle of the School System, which im going to contrast against the Battle of Sihang (Between Chinese and Japanese forces, 1937). I've watched the episode a few times to get a taste for it, as well as Band of Brothers and a few others to add some gritty battle realism (hopefully). Im trying to bring the battle of Du-Khang across as a very World War two Urban battle. Ive always imagined Alliance Rollers and vechicles as Nazi Panzers and Half tracks. Im basing the "Rover" on a German Leichter Panzerspahwagen armoured scout car thing, and the Pig skiff on a Russian Hind Helicopter Gunship.

For me, Firefly was very much a mixing of science fiction conventions, from the Massing Dystopian cityscapes Cyberpunk (Ariel) to the anachronisms of Spaceships breaking up bar brawls (train job), the giant cogs and flywheels of the Bar in question screaming Steampunk. And on top of that the historical context, political/social statement. Love it. Newhos, I wanted to place my war in an historical context, and i came out in WWII.



Wednesday, November 8, 2006 3:50 PM


Sounds like quite the plan, mutt! Can't wait to see what comes of it;)



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