Episode Idea 1
Friday, November 10, 2006

I said I'd put in ideas for different tings so here is my first one. Anyone is free to use this and I would love to hear back about this idea.
Working titles -'Sticking Point'-'Bitter'-'Outcast's outcast.'

Brief description- An encounter with the ship's former mechanic lead to dangerous conflict between Serenity and his ship.

Plot/story- Kaylee, Mal and Jayne bump into the ships former mechanic (Fester, as seen getting replaced by Kaylee in 'Out of Gas') in a bar. He argues with them several times and his crew backs him up, mostly because he is sleeping with his female captain. the conflict looks to be resolved upon leaving the bar but then the two crews find themselves competing for the same job. Acts of sabotage are committed by both sides esculating to the point where Fester attempts to kidnap Kaylee. Mal shoots him, Simon has to patch him up and Fester is once again fired by his crew for such a stupid reckless act.

Anyway thats what I've plotted out so far and I'd love to see this story out there. Of course we need a new pilot (watch this space)and I don't know how they would be involved. Also great scenes with Simon sewing up the man who tried to kidnap his lady love, Festers crew dumping him, sabotage mischeif plotted by Mal and Jayne, Zoe getting way too angry when Fester says some nasty stuff that pertains to Wash.

Knock yourself out.


Saturday, November 11, 2006 11:03 AM


Not really sure I would wanna tackle a script right off the fanfic bat...but if I did, I would definitely have Bester (and his name is Bester, Stormwind) make some rather nasty comments about how Kaylee got her job and her "performance" capabilities while Simon is fixing him up...just so we can see Dr. McStudly (cuz you know Simon would get nailed with a nickname like that either during his time as a trauma surgeon on Osiris...or if he was on "Grey's Anatomy" ;D) violate his oath by drugging Bester like he did Jayne in "Trash" and give him a deliciously graphic description of how he could ensure Bester spends the rest of his suffering from a variety of ailments (mainly sexual)...if Simon wasn't a poster child for a White Hat...



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