November 20th Day of Remembrance
Friday, November 17, 2006

Every year at least 18 transgendered individuals around the world are brutally murdered for just being who they are. I myself am gay, and while i am not personally transgendered, i know a few and the thought of anyone hating so much hurts. No one deserve that hatred, not me, not my cousin, no one. This is for the fallen, and for those who are still there to mourn. May we all be able to stand up and say no more, thats enough, we are all human beings and no matter what we are we deserve to be who we are and to leave as much as anyone else out there does.

Web comics for remembrancee-

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The Fallen-

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No one has the right to end anyone's life, No one.


Friday, November 17, 2006 2:31 PM


While I am a straight male (good God knows I have woman problems enough without confusing my life any more), I have always been very comfortable around gay people. Probably comes from being confident in who I am, I don't know. When I was in college, i had an apartment in the Fenway section of Boston (an area with a large gay population, along with students) and I had a neighbor who was going through the process of gender reassignment. I always thought she was a hot shit, and became fairly chummy with her. Well, long story short, and I'll bet you've heard it before, Sliceandice, the process isn't cheap, and she was paying for it turning tricks. No nice way to say it, so there it is. Well, one night she picked up the wrong trick, and they found her hacked to pieces behind a dumpster. Not a cheery story, but hey, it's me, right?

So here's to your day of rememberence, SliceandDice. I'll raise a glass to you, and why don't you raise a glass to my friend Stacey. Sound like a deal?

Friday, November 17, 2006 12:20 PM


Transgendered folks used to be a welcome group of folks for our people throughout histrory. Seems the times have changed and not for the better. Thanks for the insightful blog.


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