Shepard Bok
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok I've succumbed. I was going to leave any supposition on Book to the pro's but I came up with a cool if not overly original idea. It's still more imaginative than-'Book was in the Alliance army' which is the easy way out. (I've got a bad habit of making not taking the easy way out-I really should.)


Shepard Book is member of a of a monasitic fighting order called The Gaurdians. They take up causes they see as worthy. Highly trained, both in fighting skills and the duties of a priest and counseller. Although often secretive they have members placed in high ranks within both the Alliance parliment and security forces.
A Guardian was involved in the release of River.
Books involvement came as an accident, although he knew of the mission to save the Tam's he was actually travelling the 'verse in search of worthy causes. However he found one in protecting Simon and River as well as in guiding Mal on 'honourable' paths.

Anyway not sure what Joss thought about Book but this is what I've got here. Hope you like it disagree with me if you want. Also tell me if I've missed any thing to the contrary.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006 4:17 PM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER's definitely a new take on things pretty much. Think only one story series has Book be a holy warrior and that involved him being a Knight Templar;)'s a great idea, though one could argue things like Early's comment concerning Book in "OiS" and Book's remarks about not always being a Shepherd tend to make it seem like was either Special Forces or an Operative before having a crisis of faith and turning to religion to help heal his soul. But your thoughts are perfectly valid and plausible too;)



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