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Sunday, December 3, 2006

My sister moved to Japan for year to teach English. She set up a photo blog online to maintain contacts with people. This is cool. She's already posted pictures from Chicago, of the Bean, and of her friends apartment near Wrigley Field, which is also sort of close to the Music Box Theater, which ran "Serenity" at a few midnight screenings in November. I missed the BDM screenings but I saw a movie there called "Mutual Appreciation" which I loved because it reminded me of so many people I know. I recommend it.

Anyway, my sister is supposedly doing fine in Japan. She's called, emailed, etc. Before she left, she asked all of us (family) if we wanted her to bring anything back from Japan for us. All I said was Cowboy Bebop paraphenilia and photos of cool non - western architecture. I'm easy.

I'm down to my last two projects before the semester is up. I admit to writing really flat essays these days. Its times like these when I like to quote agent Mulder and say, "might we not turn to the fantastic......" This makes me feel so much better about wasting time on obscure lyrics.

So, am I happy for my little sister? Yes, of course. Am I bummed a little that she's gone? Yes, a little. She's no doubt the coolest member of the family, already having lived in Hawaii and Colorado. I guess now she's up there with Scarlett Johannson in "Lost in Translation." I told her not to get sullen, and not to listen to too much "My Bloody Valentine" in cabs. I should have told her to look out for actors doing ad-work in the midst of mid-life crises.


Sunday, December 3, 2006 8:23 PM


Definitely know how the whole "flat essays" thing feels...this time of year just floods oneself with apathy;)



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