Slow Going on the Holidays
Monday, December 4, 2006

I've been here for more than a year, and only now thought to do something like this. What can I say? I don't usually have much to say.

For myself, I have, within the last week, begun antidepressants, which has me all the hell manner of spooked. I'm a chronic undermedicator, so I don't like being on anything. Sure, it doesn't seem to be doing anything, yet, but I'm nervous about when something does.
Other than that, there's not much more to report about my-own-self.

For my works, I'm still working on what was never intended to be the third portion of Confederation. I've always had troubles writing for the Serenity crew, but after a few tries, I usually end up getting something at least half decent. I say this because the original crew is front and center at the beginning of the episode. It has everything that made Joss' work famous. It has bickering, gunplay, and a naked Jayne. What more could anyone want.
Also, the Sorceror shows his face, and his dissatisfaction at his superior (and he does have a superior, at this point) making such damn stupid tactical blunders.

I also feel I should do some explaining, since I'd never gotten around to it during the writing. Some words have been used, but never do get defined, so some people have to dig into the context to figure out what they mean. Also note that these might be upgraded as more becomes revealed.
So, for your edification:

Confederate: New designation for Independant or Browncoat. Coined due to their affiliation with the newly formed Confederation of Independant Planets.

Unioner: Designation for a citizen or soldier of the Union of Allied Planets. Confederates occassionally refer to them as "Onions".

Wap: A derogatory term used to describe a Unioner. Derived from Union of Allied Planets, forming down into UAP, which is mispronounced into Wap.

Gauss: A naval-class cannon, which operates magnetically. Experimental technology stolen from the Alliance before it could be put into production, now in full use by the Confederates. Extremely powerful, but also extremely dangerous; damage to the system whilst firing causes a massive explosion which can easily destroy the craft it's housed in.

HaVoC: Alliance designation for the Confederate Gauss cannon. Derived from the acronym for High Velocity Cannon.

Ouendigo: An alliance of the religiously disenfranchized, located primarily on Boros and its attendant moons. Their motives and methods are mostly unknown even in the intelligence communities of the 'Verse, and to the commoners, they are little more than a myth.

Via Wendigo: A religion within Ouendigo. Considered a monsterous tale of the early days on Boros, when the terraforming was a lot less trustworthy.

Whapsep: The intelligence agency of Empress Fei of Sihnon. Derived from the acronym Union of Allied Planets Secret Police. The orginization was formed just after the Exodus, and vanished soon after. Few people even know the name.

Gyr: The intelligence agency of King Richard Triari, of Londinum. After Richard's death, the agency now reports to his top aid, rather than his son and heir. Origin of name possibly based off of the extinct falcon of the same name.

Triple 'S': A shadow orginization of unknown purpose, leadership, or membership. While its acronym (SSS) is known, what it means is not. Nor is its agenda obvious to anyone outside of the orginization.

Keep watching for Legacy's Confederation, Part 3, which I should have done before the holidays. Ciao, everybody.


Tuesday, December 5, 2006 5:01 AM


James - HUGS and wow you've put a lot of time and effort into this. I'm really impressed.

Monday, December 4, 2006 9:26 PM


I really hope things go well for you with your medication, James. I understand your issues because I don't like the idea of messing with brain chemistry either. If you can find a homeopathic or naturopathic doctor in your area, they might be able to talk to you and get you some natural remedies that might cut your medication. I've had great luck with homeopathics in the past. And I didn't have to take them every day! That was a big happy thing, too.
*hugses* Message me if you wanna talk about it.

Monday, December 4, 2006 4:52 PM


Well...not sure what to say to a declaration of medication use except for "good luck" and "no side effects";)

And I was wondering about some of those acronyms...



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