Day three: realisations and reunions
Wednesday, December 6, 2006


So, day three of my five day extravaganza, and my room smells like girl. And (unfortunatly) not cuz I have a girlfriend, but cuz of the soaps and bath bombs I got my mama for Christmas. Still, ain't all that bad, kinda nice actually.... Ok, today: caught a ride into town with my sister at 8.00 in the morning, to buy those art supplies I was banging on about yesterday. Of course I forgot that the shop don't open til 8.30. So there was half an hour of sitting in the cold, on a cold metal bench outside the shop, waiting. And anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike he cold, and how much I like to rant about it. Damn this cold weather! *shakes fist at the weather*

Anyhoo, I bought the stuff I needed, and trotted off home. Which brings me to one of the two R's in the title - reunion. Half way home, a (almost literally) bumpted into Rob Davey, an old friend from Primary and High School, who I ain't seen in a good 4 years or so. He was walking in the same direction, so we had a good half hour of catching up. It was hella awesome, I almost forgot the guy even existed! And there we were, talking like we saw each other yesterday. That really put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! That is until I got home and realised I didn't get his mobile number, so I may not see him again for four years...

...Which brings me on to R number two - realisations. Well, actually that shouldn't be a plural, as I only had one realisation, but seemed to flow nicer in the title. Anyhoo, after remembering I forgot to get Rob's number, I realised that that ain't the first time I thwarted a friendship by being daft. Anyone who's read any of the surveys I insist upon posting on MySpace will know how I gripe about losing contact with one Kirsty Jordan. She was probably my best friend at work, and when she left, I forgot to get her number. Ain't seen her in nearly a year. And it was due to the same daft forgetfulness. Why don't I ask folks for their mobile numbers?? Or eMail addresses?? Or any kind of contact details?? It's stupid, cuz I did the same thing after leaving college, and have lost contact with probably about 10 people I really wish I still talked to. Anyway, enough complaining.

So after beating myself up over not getting Rob's number, I started to sketch stuff. Just simple stuff, trying to get the creativity flowing inside me again. Ain't done any art for nigh on two years now, so I'm kinda having to force myself back into it again. May be a while before I post all the stuff I promised you guys yesterday, but I WILL do it, gorram it! Just don't hold your breath. Cuz that would be stupid.

That's it for today, don't forget to comment! Take care folks, see you around the 'verse!


Wednesday, December 6, 2006 3:47 PM


It's funny how one's brain can have those kinds of moments. Personally, I would attribute the lack of recollection for getting your amigos' phone numbers to thine gray matter tricking itself into believing it's the past and you'll see them in the near future;)


Wednesday, December 6, 2006 9:17 AM


Hey try calling some friends you both have in common. bet one of them will have the number. Good luck with the drawing :)


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