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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So they're making a (for those unfamiliar with the concept of MMO: think World of Warcraft, only less warriors and mages, but more mercenaries and space whores).

A few random thoughts:

1. They're using a "generic" engine called "Multiverse." Despite the fact that I thought Marvel had a trademark on that name, it basically means that the graphics, networking, and probably some of the base gameplay elements are "static" and can't be made specific to a game. This raises the problem that the quality (at least from the graphics and sound side) of such a game wouldn't be as great as multi-million dollar efforts like WoW or City of Heroes - this most likely reflects Fox's desire to pay as little as possible to keep the revenue stream creaking along. The screenshots on the Multiverse site of other games aren't horrible, but in the day and age of "more more more blinky lights OMFGBBQ!!!!!" it remains to be seen how that will affect appeal.

2. Taking a lesson from Star Wars Galaxies, here's hoping they stay away from known characters. That means no crew of Serenity, no badger, Niska, Operative, etc. There was nothing scarier that logging into Start Wars Online and seeing "BobbaFett5647" standing there doing some type of obscene emote. Or the jackass who obviously never passed 6th grade English running around with "want b jedi PST LOLZ" appearing over his head. God help the first guy named "Jayne1673". Yes, it will happen. No, we're not more mature than that.

3. Much like the Serenity RPG, use a skill based system rather than classes. True, most of the characters we know and love can be matched to a classic D&D build with a bit of tweaking (if you count Inara as a "diplomat" and give Kaylee explosives). But what about those of us who want the geek who loves to surf internet porn, but can kill you with a spitball when you're not looking? There's lots of demand from the porn/spitball market.

4. Let people crew up. If 5-9 folks gear up, plan it out, and play it - give them their very own Firefly to crash into things (Crash? Of course. No pilot. No one wants to be the pilot that stays with the ship). Even name your ship (same naming rule, though: "Serenity9082" gets a visit from an Alliance cruiser ASAP). Think of it like guilding up, only in space.

5. With the above in mind, give the regular solo players something to do. Bounty hunting, mercenary for hire, whatever. Not everybody plays well with others.

6. You think the Blue Sun Room gets pornish now and then? Just imagine the cybersex possibilities...*shudder*.

I think I need coffee.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006 6:11 PM


And there's bound to be some class or subgroup that won't get any takers cuz of the total inane-ness of it;)

Cybersex has been around for a while...but yeah. Don't wanna imagine some of the pervy potential hookups:(


Tuesday, December 12, 2006 3:14 PM


EEEwww. Like slash fic, but without the ability to visualize or not as you choose.
There are some pairings that were just not meant to be.
Besides, nobody's going to want to be the guy with the teeny weenie either.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:45 AM


ok I was with you until we got to the cyber I think I need some sort of mind eraser or to poke out my minds eye.


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