And Now For Something Completely Different...the GBBC
Friday, February 9, 2007

But first...the Mom Update.

Mom was feeling well enough to go out shopping earlier this week...and apparently overdid it a bit. The pain went back up, so the pain meds went up and that brough back some of the nausea. She's slowing coming back, though and felt well enough to talk on the phone for awhile yesterday. I'm staying down this weekend as I've another rutting cold which has decided my sinuses are a shiny place to roost.

And now....the GBBC!

Yeah, I'm gonna take a bit of time and space here to help plug something fun and free, but not FF/S related but if you like to watch the birds, this is for you.

The National Audubon Society with Cornell University sponsers a yearly event in the US and Canada called the Great Backyard Bird Count. They are trying to get ideas of numbers and types of birds for well, every state and providence they can and they ask for the public's help in this. The event is next weekend (Feb 16-19, 2007) and open to everyone who wants to help. It only takes a few minutes (at least 15 minutes per day)to help out.

Last year was my first time and I had fun...even when trying to count up the 2 dozen+ sparrows bouncing all over my balcony. I may resort to taking a picture and counting it as still life.

More info is at this site: http://birdsource.org/gbbc

There's a nice map showing where they were getting lists from. My mind boggled at the intrepid folks who submitted lists in northern Alaska and the Northern Territories. (Innit still somewhat dark up there at this time of year?)

This count helps the scientists find out what's happening with the bird populations so they get a better idea of how weather is affecting migrations, what species in which regions are being affected by bird diseases and what species may be suddenly declining.

I hope some of you will help spend a few minutes helping next week. {/public service announcement}


Saturday, February 10, 2007 10:31 AM


Oh, cool! I'm so glad to see that someone else is interested in this! I did it last year and enjoyed it (I'm a birdwatching geek, I admit, having been a member of my local Audubon group since its inception). I hope a lot of people will try it. It's really not hard and it's fun to see what birds you've got in your backyard.

RMMC, I hope your sinuses will give you a break soon and your mom will continue to feel better.

Saturday, February 10, 2007 8:10 AM


Ah...you have discovered I can't spell. *blush*

Friday, February 9, 2007 6:29 PM


Canada has "provinces," RMMC...not "providences." And it depends on where up north you look for 6 months of dark or light;)



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