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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Well, it's been a bit since a blog has gone up. I thought I'd do something a little different and, by a little prodding from a friend of mine and fellow writer (thank you Al dear ), post a few poems. Now these are older ones, mind you, so don't go thinking that my life is crazy or romantic like this. Honestly I'm creative, but very boring in real life, lol! I did post some of these a while back, but I can't remember which ones. I apologize a head of time for some of the over-dramatic nature of a few of them.

Let's start with my fav. A poem I wrote a few years back about a good friend of mine.

The Invisible

You have a quiet way about you.
You smile when no one is watching.
You make me laugh when you think no one hears.
You are more intelligent that you let on.
You care more than you think.
You dream more than we can imagine.
You cry when no one is around.
You think so little of yourself when you are so important.
You hurt in the quiet depth of yourself.
You hate injustice, but hide behind ignorance.
You make sarcasm your mask.
You feel more deeply than you portray.
You think that no one knows your secret,

But I do. I know the real you.

A lil silly romantic poem written a little more recently. This was done for a competition. Yeah, I didn't win.


It starts with a thought.
A wisp of an image, pass in the mind.
A lightning glance.
A biting of the lip.
The quick glance away.
An accidental brush.
The tingle of impending touch.
An embarrassed laugh.
An unnecessary brushing back of hair.
A half smile.
A glance down.
A walk away.
The look back.
A parting of soft lips.
The escape of gentle breath.
The expectation of voice.
The realization of forgotten words.
An extension of reach.
The slight connection of finger tips.
A final embrace of two waiting hands,
Now inseparable...

This one is a little darker. It was written to go with a story I heard on the news that broke my heart. I wish I could find the article, but it was several years ago.

Memory Haunt

In another time and in another place.
In another mind and in another space.
Sounds of open screaming and forgotten lands.
Spills into the open like a broken hour glass with rushing sands.
Why oh, why do you haunt me, torture me night and day.
I have not forgotten, just make it all go away.
Weeping and moaning and all the wretch of deep sorrow.
Please, please, just let me go till tomorrow.
Pounding of agony, screeching of dire need.
Just put me out of my misery and make me bleed.
No physical mouth to hush, no hands to clasp hold.
Stop this, please stop for fear soon I may fold.
Heart pounding hard and fast and mind about to break.
The sounds of hell in my head now have put my life at stake.
Unfinished business and restlessness air.
Why did they have to die like that? Cause life is never fair.

This was intended to be turned into a story, but like so many of my ideas, never made it to paper. It's 'bout forbidden love. Yeah, yeah, like there aren't a million like it out there, lol!

This Dance

Unspoken words whispered in glances between us.
Hands brushing, fingers touching.
Wanting we know of something we can't have.
Don't make me want you.
Don't smile the way you do.
Your eyes beckoning to me sweetly.
Telling me you want me to.
Don't breath your warm breath on me,
Whenever you hold me close.
Sending lightning through my body.
Making it hard to let you go.
Fight me, hate me,
Please make it impossible to want.
I don't want to feel this way about you.
This incredible haunt.
Hands slid over my back as we dance.
My head buried in your neck, resisting the chance.
Just break our embrace and let me go.
Because I'm not strong enough not to show.
Push me away, please, I beg you.
Don't tease me so.
We can't hurt more than we silently keep.
These sins we must hold within and bury them deep.
But I know as well as you, we both want this to be.
We both fight, we both entice, we can never be free.
This dance we engage in will never bend.
For the very reason we aren't willing for this dance to ever end.

Another one for a contest. This one meant to describe something very ordinary in a very dramatic way. Didn't win this one either, lol!

My Vice

This prison that I keep going back to.
So horrid, so alluring.
I keep going back, over and over.
A moth flapping at a flame.
The sweet touch of impurity.
I am ashamed, I am excited.
Disappointed in my immunity,
Yet going back for more.
Turning it off just to go back and revisit it again.
I am weak, brought down by a vice of my own making.
I can not resist this awful sin.
I need strength and will to break free.
It's pain I voluntarily wrap myself in.
I must be more than I can.
Make changes I never thought I could.
I must rid myself of this psiren's temptation.
And never return to it again.

Lastly a very real one. This one is back from my teen angsty years. Now if you're gonna read this and go into some rant 'bout 'emo cutters' don't bother. I've heard it all. If you've never experienced it you don't know shit, case closed.

For The Search of Reason

I cut and bleed and you die.
It hurts more yet less, inside.
The blood flows and so does the thoughts.
Thoughts of pain, of doubt, of hate.
A temporary fix that makes perfect sense,
to me.
I cut and you die.
I bleed and you disintegrate.
Pain that makes me know I'm still here.
Yet it doesn't stop.
And I'm still transparent.
And the pain still lingers.
And I become less.


Monday, February 12, 2007 10:10 AM


Dunno how you didn't win, Roxy...those poems where quite good if you ask me. Then again, one could argue I wouldn't know good poetry if it came alive, sat on my face and shat skillful prose down my throat;D


Monday, February 12, 2007 8:40 AM


You are an excellent poetess:) I am really impressed


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