Finals, Firefly, and Tijuana Bound!
Thursday, March 29, 2007

My legacy of infrequent updates continues, with at least a month since my last. My life is difficult sometimes, I willingly admit. There's not much good on TV, my health-plan doesn't cover the cost of my medication (which doesn't work to begin with!), and my brain disagrees with me on a daily basis.

First of all, as any of you still in University knows, the Finals are leaning hard over my shoulder, scrutinizing me for any weakness before they snap my head off and suck on it like a peppermint for several hours before finally deciding to swallow it. Stress doesn't begin to cover it. It's all the more distressing because I don't know how to use PowerPoint, which seems to be a required skill to even attend some classes, now. I swear, it's like I'm fumbling in the dark, some days. It doesn't help that my body's first reaction to extreme stress is to shut down my immune system entirely. My body is very stupid. If I could, I'd sell it and buy a smarter one.

I'm also slowly chipping away at Legacy. I just did a word count, and was confronted by the fact that I'm at more than 81,000 words for the third season alone, and that one is just about a third of the way done. In the upcoming chapter, we finally reconnect with the crew of Legacy, and actually hear in the text what Jacob named his son. As soon as I post it, I'm pulling the spoiler from Confederation, Part 3. Make 'em wait until they read it to make a 'what the hell?' face. And there's a happy surprise for one of the crew in this episode, which'll make up for a couple of quite unpleasant ones that are going to come in the next few.

Finally, when I'm done of Finals and I have some time to myself (and when my passport finally frakking arrives), I'm hopping a plane to San Diego, and jumping the border to spend a week on the shores of Baja. I got an irresistable itch to leave the country a while back, but as long as I was still in school, I had to back-burner it for a while. Still, it'll be all the sweeter to ditch this glorified speed-bump of an Island to bask in the sweet... glorious heat of Mexico for a while.

Oh yeah, and about a week ago I had a nervous breakdown. Still dealing with that. It ain't easy having the few friends I have departing to teach in the Orient by the end of summer. Ain't easy at all. Still, I'll survive. I'm like the hydra; you can't kill me. You can hurt me a lot, but I ain't goin' down. Besides, maybe this'll be what gives me the kick in the ass to either get a hold on my life, or to flee it and try starting a new one in Ontario, or Tijuana, or maybe one of those piddly little islands in the Carribean where folk live happily in a shack. I wouldn't mind living in a shack, so long as that shack was in a warm climate.

Mmmmm. Warm Shack.... *drools*

Anyway. Go read Legacy. I'm going to keep telling you to until you do. Trust me, I have a lot of patience, young fellow.

I'm waiting...


Friday, March 30, 2007 9:30 AM


Hate to break it to ya, James...but Ontario is not the kind of place you would find or want to have a shack. Weather ain't the greatest for shack-living most months of the year;)

And I can totally symp with you, man. Finals are on the horizon, my class attendance record is spotty at best, and I doubt I wil be graduating in the near future. Still...summer vacation will be nice:)

Final thought: Life is full of stress, and dealing with it is the complete anathema of fun. Just hang in there and remember...I'm pulling for ya cuz we're all in this together;D


Friday, March 30, 2007 3:59 AM


James- I know exactly what you mean...maybe we could get some sort of group discount on new bodies that actually work and have immune systems that protect us from germs ( oooh doesn't that sound like nirvana?) Anyway, I'm sorry you are so very stressed right now, but I am really impressed with you hanging in there despite all the hell you're going through. You're terrific!!! Enjoy Tijuana and DO NOT wander off the regular tourist areas mister!!!! You have fun and be careful!


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