The results of my first FF party and why I am so ruttin' tickled right now!
Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last night, I had my first Firefly party. A couple of my friends have seen the show and love it, but many others hadn't and didn't understand our inside jokes when we referenced the show. So, I did what ever good browncoat does and had a viewing party!

It went pretty well! About twelve people showed up and they all loved it! In the middle of showing the Serenity Pilot, someone asked the inevitable question, "Why was this show cancelled?" I replied, "Because (insert that network's name here) doesn't know how to manage television." We also watched The Train Job and Bushwhacked. If we all didn't have places to be this morning, I think we would have been eager to keep watching more. I told everyone that they can buy the BDS at Target for about $20. There is definitely going to be a Firefly Party, Part 2!


Well, I found a surprise when I opened my browser a few minutes ago and found Nathan Fillion staring back at me! Yahoo has several clips of Drive up on their web page, and I watched some of them. I fell out of my seat when opened the clip for the "exclusive first four minutes of Drive". The first scene has Alex (Nathan) being interviewed by a Voice. I like this Voice, the way it goes out . It has a good design! I could hear this Voice saying, "Well... here I am." Yes, folks. This voice belongs to Richard Books who played Jubal Early in Objects in Space! I love that the last time Nathan and Richard appeared on the same screen was the last episode of Firefly! There is a certain justice to it!

Thank you, Tim!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007 8:01 AM


Were you also waiting for Richard Brooks to say "Does that seem right to you?" when interviewing Alex? Cuz I was;)

And mucho congrats on the successful Shindig. And yes, I am pretty sure you can classify your party as one;)



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