Big Damn Ankle
Monday, July 19, 2004

So I fell off a curb a few weeks ago. No I wasn’t drinking but considering I was in Kingman, AZ when I fell off said curb, I should have been. It was one of those stupid little half curbs. I had two bags of ice in hand and my purse and I just didn’t see the thing. Twisted the out of my ankle and was finally able to get up and hobble to the car. So two weeks latter I’m getting around on it reasonably well but I still don’t have my full range of motion. The moral of this story….never ever go to Kingman, AZ.

It’s really exciting to see all the BDM news. I can’t believe this is finally happening. Can’t wait till next April.

Saw "Spiderman 2" recently and really liked it. Being a superhero is not all fun and games. Wanted to see "I, Robot" this weekend but couldn't get in. Maybe sometime this week.

What’s in the CD player? Michael Tolcher’s “I Am.” Go here to hear him:

I first came across Michael playing on a street corner in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. He was the best act we saw all day and had an awesome voice not to mention his lyrics.

What’s irritating me? Canada and their decision not to take their whole Olympic team to the Games. If I was six months pregnant and won a gold medal in my countries games (she was first for the shot put and second in the javelin) I’d damn well want my chance to go and compete. Go here to read the article:

Be well fellow Browncoats!



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