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Friday, April 20, 2007

Things just keep changing and growing. Wow. I read the last blog I wrote, all about how the Oberon got where it was. It’s grown and changed yet more still.

We’re just a forum now – the cortex was beautiful, but my good friend and webhost is dealing with serious adult ADD, and is a lot less involved than he used to be. One the second ship’s crew, Nyiri, gave us permanent webspace, and now we’re moving forward again.

Salvation is getting off the ground again. We had a few bumps, and two false starts, but the current mix is very good, and I think we've finally got a cohesive crew. Nyiri has been a HUGE help, and so has Dr. Danny. Amazing help. Danny brought in two new crew, and Ny got us set up with permanent webspace.

Obie is starting it’s third full episode. We’ve had a two-hour pilot, and a one hour episode, technically, so far. We’re still wrapping up the last bits from the second episode, and I’ve opened two threads for the teaser before the credits on our third. Granted, posting, it takes so much longer to write an hour or so – and we do go into more detail. Our episodes would be hours long, I expect. But they’re GOOD.

I’m really, really proud of our quality. There are scenes in there worthy of being in a real TV show. Characters that are as good or better than some TV shows on now! Everyone loved what Joss created, and we want to be a part of THAT, not just create our own version, but we want to feel like it’s still the show that Joss created.

As a result, I’ve had to nix some ideas, control some wilder characters, and in the end, even remove some troublemakers. It’s a hard place to be, in charge of something like this. I feel it’s my job to keep us moving, keep us on track, and more importantly, keep us as good as we can be. There are some great ideas out there, some great characters, but they just don’t belong on the Obie. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good, or that their writers are bad, or anything like that. People don’t understand that.

I know there are play-by-post people here on, and on other boards I’ve seen (Storycrafter, for one), but their style rarely jives with mine. Everyone wants to be the star, everyone wants to be the center of attention. This isn’t a BAD thing, per se. I constantly see people get sidelined, ignored, posted right out of a story because other people ignore them, or only post with one person, or post more often than the other one can, so that they get completely left behind. I constantly see people get cutt of, run over, toes stepped on, all that sort of thing. And the worst part is that people doing it are NOT doing it on purpose – they’re just trying to have fun.

It’s so typical of everything I see today – people are only thinking of themselves. They’re the star, and everyone around them is just an extra, an NPC, a prop, a tool to make their own story more “realistic”. This is how I see people treating each other on the road, in the store, at restaurants. People forget that everything going on inside them is going on inside their waitresses, their quickie mart cashiers, the other drivers on the road – and the other people in the story they’re dominating.

I’m BLESSED to have the group I have now on the Obie. They care about each other, they welcome the new people and help them get involved, and they help them fit in. They make sure to mention the other people in a room, so everyone feels part of what’s going on. They wait to post until other people have had a chance to get involved, holding off replying until everyone in a room has spoken up – or has had a few days to do so if they wish. They even check with each other (“Did you want to post, or should I go ahead?”).

We’re a real team – a real crew. Oberon AND Salvation.


Friday, April 20, 2007 10:42 AM


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