Chainmail sleeves, scarves...and guns
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

While shopping at Walmart the other day, I picked up the cheap massive skein of black yarn they had there. I only got one, hoping I'll only need one to get both sleeves done. It will probably take only one skein.

I've tried a different way of doing it though. I can't knit well yet, so I'm trying this in crochet:

Chain enough to go a little bit longer than it would fit around your upper arm.

Chain one extra, wrap string around hook, skip one chain and only hook half of the stitch. It will now look like three loops around the hook. Wrap yarn around hook and pull through. Finish out row, chain one and turn, skipping one stitch. (So you don't get shrinkage)

I don't think it's a recognized crochet stitch, but it gets that same linked look almost like knitting. It almost looks like: knit two, purl one. (I think...)

Once it's foiled (which I now have the website for) it should look very similar to the knitted chainmail.


I'm being so lazy. Perhaps because my uniform's almost completed?

I REALLY need to arrange for my sister to have a rifle and pistol, but I'm not visiting the armory thread at the 76th site to arrange for her to borrow them. I've already got my weapons, so I'm covered. Daisy isn't though. Luckily, with her uniform she can be a grunt or sniper, so whichever gun we get a hold of will work just fine.


Got the material for my scarf the other day. I've been looking at a bunch of people's uniform status and a lot of them are not showing that they've got their scarves.

When I went to Joanne fabrics, I picked up some cheap red fabric to make our scarves out of for Daisy and I, so I've got plenty of extra. It should be enough to make at least two or three extra ones. I'm considering just making those extra and packing them in the suitcase in case anyone forgets theirs.

I'm ALSO thinking of picking up some small ice packs like the ones that go inside kids' lunchboxes. Soft sided ones that are about half the size of a sandwich. I was on a costume website yesterday and they have them for 'mascot' costumes as well as an entire VEST of cooling gel. Atlanta in late August is going to be murder. I figure if I pick up a few, we can tuck them away inside the folds of our scarves to keep cool.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007 9:31 AM


Good and clever ideas, Kaele! I also got some soft red fabric for a scarf and have plenty left over. I was going to take it to the Shindig in case the CO needed it. My kit-bashing husband (who is going to do something to my pistol) is in Australia and hasn't started on it..but I'm taking it with me to show the CO...got my boots, vest...chainmail sleeves (husband is ALSO helping me with actual chainmail for the march)..WHOOT!


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