School's out... FOREVER!
Thursday, May 24, 2007

woooooooo, last day of school EVER tomorrow!!
bring on college!
lovely day today, consisting of signing everyone's shirts and yearbooks, and not a lot else.
My yearbook needs some serious alterations, seen as the entire yearbook committee consisted of one group of friends, so its just them and their chavvy friends, winning all the awards etc. I sense some serious mick taking.
It was really uplifting to read everyone's comments in my book, and my shirt, find out what people really think about me. However, little awkward when my mother wanted to read said comments, several of which were by my male friends about my none-too-decent adventures at a party I went to last week. All I will say is that I wanted to go in the pool. ahem. Quick thinking needed there!
Anywho, quick change of subject! that was a beast of a party, but the boys I know should know me well enough by know that I am something of a party animal, and I will flirt with absolutely anything at all (unless it already has an SO, or a friend of mine is interested in it), without it meaning a thing, and so should not take me seriously and think that anything will be different the next day.
I know, I have a problem, its gotten me into awkward trouble several times over the last few months. Is there perhaps a Flirters Annonymous I could join??

Holiday to Sark for a week tomorrow, yay! though I have to take revision instead of books this year :(. Lets hope its not like last year and we actually take off within two days of initial departure time!

Well into my exams already, I've had a short course RE, citizenship, and an English lit, which Im pretty sure I failed, I suck at writing to time. But, the only good thing about exams is they mean that prom is soon! I'm so excited! I've got everything sorted, and I'll post piccies of me in my dress afterwards.


Friday, May 25, 2007 10:44 AM


Doing a written exam, especially one that requires an essay, is never easy when it's within a finite time limit. I know I still have problems with writing them:('s done. Holidays to come. Good times ahead;)


Thursday, May 24, 2007 10:05 AM


So cool! Have a great time sweety


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